Monster of the Week



Greetings adventurers,

I am looking to convert the different Hunters from Monsters of the Week to ICRPG. I want to keep the feel and most of the moves from MotW but use ICRPG as the base for the game.
Before I put in the time has anyone come across this particular conversion already?

Thanks and keep on gaming!


Love Monster of the Week! It’s been often thought about in my house, but never attempted. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. :smiley:


MotW GM, Location, and especially Threat Moves are like my secret weapon!

For the next year’s campaign, we’ll be moving amongst this territory some as the year progresses. Looking here to make some custom classes is a great idea! I’ll look back and also post any if I make them.



Here are the first two Hunters from the core book. My goal is to keep the feel and style of the Hunters, give them a unique starter item, and then just use the ICRPG system to play with. The only other thing right now that I want to keep is the Luck system which is a great addition to the genre. If I am feeling ambitious I might create a custom character sheet for this as well.
I am encouraging input and edits as we continue down this path. Thanks.



These are great. Keep sharing!

Has anyone else checked out TOME OF MYSTERIES? Lots of neat stuff, but adding the Phenomenon Threat type is a great price that can inform play in any ruleset. Also check out the On-The-Fly Mayhem Sheet. This is a fun concept to play around with.