Monster Generator



Is there a Simple Monster Generator resource that someone has made or found and would be willing to share? Books, Google Spreadsheets, etc

It can be ICRPG related, OSR or Classic D&D. All those are really easy to convert between.

What I’m looking for is a easy topical table system that can generate ideas for monsters with special abilities, powers, attributes, or types etc?

At the Table, this would be something I can roll on for a impromptu idea generator when i need a special case monster.

In prep, this would be a idea generator for monsters to put in my sessions.

Example: If I have a coastal adventure, I’d roll or look at the aquatic type of monsters section and come up with something cool for my party to defeat.

Let me know if you know of some good resources that you’ve found.

Also, Yes, I could spend hours creating one and likely will, but I think reviewing things that are already out there might be beneficial to my design process as a DM.

Thank you everyone! This is a great community!

EDIT: Yes, I remember there’s a monster generator in the ICRPG CORE. :slight_smile:


Take a look at this one, I know I have a few others somewhere…:thinking:

Although you may want to tweak it, I do like some of the options it provides or at a minimum idea generation.<size, sentience, type, role, dice pool>
WOIN Monster Creator


Back in the Google+ days someone posted this. I book marked it. Even though I normally just make up a monster when I need one it is nice to have.


Thanks @Ryyus ! That’s pretty cool. I like how it generates tactics or abilities. That might be really useful. :slight_smile: This is cool! Keep it coming folks!


Thanks @DMChef I like the 4 simple areas of state, behavior, ability, upgrade. I’m focusing my design on trying to stay as minimal as possible, while maintaining a unique monster encounter for my players.


this is really nice…just wow! :exploding_head: