Monster Cards


For my Mapless Maze game I wanted to have monsters quickly and be able to reference the stats and whatnot. I also wanted a cool graphic. Most of them I lifted out of the Core2 booke and others I made on my own. It is still a work in progress but I like where it is going.



These are awesome! Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!!


Aww, I really dig those! Must add to my collection. Very Cool!


Added to my ICRPG resources. Thanks! :herocoin:


Great stuff! Thanks for sharing!!!


Very nice! :smiley: I also give mummies, however rarely I deploy them, a special attack: Mummify

Their bandages shoot out and constrict a PC (Save vs blah blah). Successful or not, the mummy’s body is comprised of hundreds of black, flesh-eating scarabs that fall to the ground and rush to swarm the PC (tons of damage, think The Mummy style). After d4 turns, the mummy reforms and can’t Mummify again for d4 rounds.

Players never expect this, and it’s awesome! :slight_smile:


Woah! I’ll use this one day!


Man this puts a smile on my face like you don’t know! I love this… More please. I will convert these into Tabletop Simulator Cards easily! Awesome!


You rock that TTS. I’m not smart enough to use it! Thanks. Love your show.


Dude! These are awesome! Great quick reference resource for sure!


Very cool stuff man. Very handy to have during a night of GMing.

not to be that guy, but is it ok to post monsters from the core book online?


I hate to necro threads but this is something I’m looking for…card sized monster stats. Is it possible to share?


I was thinking exactly the same thing, I knew someone must have had the same idea. I’ve been making my own set of monster cards for quick reference at the table.


I just started working on a similar project.


Let me know when I can buy a set or two. Playing card or index card size? Please tell me I can get them printed on cards & buy them in as box.


I would also love to buy some but I could never sell the ones I made as the artwork is all shamelessly but gratefully “borrowed” from Hanks ICRPG.
But if Hank has ever got the time…

nudge nudge Hank :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
(Im joking i know you are a mega busy man)