Molok? Who the **** is Molok



Hey Guys.
I finished the Molok Campaign this Night and i would love to finish the whole thing by posting my Pics of all Rooms, inkluding Roll20 Maps, Roll20 Theater of the Mind Sheets and real terrain.
I just did some minor changes here and there, we played it as it is presented in the Video. Mostly…

ROOM 1 The Prisoners of Molok

build with maps tiles from 2minuteTabletop, like almost everything

ROOM 2 The Machines of Molok

Hell Yeah, here i almost killed the group in their first night of gameplay ^^ And they managed to get a small cube friend, but sadly they never tried to use it

ROOM 3 The Marauder of Molok

Man that Fight there was awesome. I changed the outcome of the Room because i didn’t like the idea that the Heroes should crawl trough the Machine. In the End of the Fight, the Marauder destroyed the Floor and the Room collapsed. So they all fell down to the Room under that.

ROOM 3.5 DOWN There

Thats how i imagined the Room under the Marauder would look like. There was a tiny Cave entrance in the upper right, where Tunnelcrawler live. Thats how the Heroes get to the Mapless Maze of Molok, wich was there Hive.

ROOM 4 The Mapless Maze of Molok

I had my doubt with this boardgamish idea, but they had a hell of fun inside those tunnels. God knows why they split up at the first intersection, but they did and it was a hard night of survival gameplay.
After that i felt that i should try to give the next Rooms the Theater of the Mind feel, to get them more into playing their Roles, than to check where they stand and so on. So i came up with this:
The Maze endet up i a huge Cave Dome, filled with Darkness. I called this little Fluff Room “The Abyss”.

Just a small Rock Plateau was under their Feet, they looked into a vast Dome of Darkness, deep under the Surface. Only a Thronelike Thing was there right beneath the Cliff. And on that Thing, there was a corpse. Or something that looked like it was a corpse long ago. The Head seperated from the Body, starring with lifeless eyes into the Darkness. A piece of Paper reveals a bit of this poor souls Story, bound to stare into the Abyss forever. They kicked him of the Throne, but the Throne demanded one of them. Real fun Session and a lot of in Charakter Play. Crazy. So less Prep, so much Gain!
And after the Corpse was dropped, they heard some strange noises from far in the darkness. And some Light starrted to flicker there. They decided to go deeper into the Tunnel, away from whatever was on the other side of that Dome.

ROOM 5 The Mutation Stone
Okay, we did Theater of the Mind again, there where some Fights and one Player got a tentakle Arm. He liked the Idea of keeping the Arm, and we decided to do so. But he has to Check CHA everytime he will use it for something cool, and if he fails, i get control of it.

The Mechanical Minions of Molok
Here we go at the Table. Last Night meet up at my home with Pizza and Beer. All Hail real Game Sessions (if i had just more time). All my crafts are getting into Acton for the first time. So this night i was double excited.



Spiders are from DOOM Boardgame first Edition, Paperminis from the Core and my Portals are from a Boardgame called KHET. The Rest i build myself.

Man, they didn’t try to destroy the Portals where the Spiders spawn and i havent had enough Spiders. It was close in the End, very close. But they did it well.

FINAL ROOM - MOLOK - GELHULK - FINAL :wink: (Did i say Final?)
So there we came to defeat Molok ^^ Man did they got hit hard at first. But then the Archer made a brutal Roll Strike with the Speed Quiver and almost killed Molok. A Few Rounds later they managed with a hard Roll the kick moloks Yog Chrystal into the Gelhulk. In the End, Molok saw his only Chance in fleeing the Chaos back to where the Heroes came from and the Heroes managed to get out into the Tunnel, where the Gelhulk is supposed to float.

We ended up with the Heroes runnig throug the Tunnel that would lead them Back to the Great Abyss.
The Gelhulk in their Back they stopped at the Abyss, with tousands of light flickering in the Dark, coming towards them… and those sounds. those unearthly sounds.


THX to Hank for all the Inspiration THX to all crazys around here for ongoing Ideas, crafting tips and ideas.
Roll High!


By the GODS this is what I’m talking about! Hot!
From VTT to TOTM to minis and crafted sets. Dayum!


Holy moly, great maps and great crafts man!! HELL YEAH!

:herocoin: :herocoin: :herocoin:


Now that is an epic journey for sure… love the craft scene and vtt to the table is an awesome way to keep it moving… nice share… love it


WOW ! I mean WOW!!! excellent!


i am digging the maps at the top. you sir have put some time in to this. well done.


This. Is. EPIC!!! Excellent stuff and thanks for sharing!


Thx for all your kind words! It was an amazing journey for me and all the newbies. I kinda got them hooked to playing RPGs. My Quest is fullfilled😁
Up to new horizons😎