Modular Battle Map Tokens WIP



Hey there Shield Wall!
I just wanted to show a bit of what I’m messing with here in the quickest of demos: some environment tokens to drop onto roll20 or other image editors for some quick, customizable maps. The theme? Ruins in the forest. I’ve only got 18 assets right now, but I’m going to try to get 50 together at minimum to make a set. This demo is only after 2 days of work, so be gentle, haha. :wink:
(Also, grass is placeholder art and only there to show the contrast between structures and background)


That’s cool. I love that this community is so creative. :herocoin:


Love it! I think it’s really great.


Damn this is slick. I love the fallen pillar!


Great initiative! :herocoin: Would love to see the whole set.


Some progress! We’re up to 32 pieces now, and I’m having a little fun layering stuff to make the environment full of cover, elevation changes, and just seeing how I can fit things together.
I know I want to add in some narrow pillars, and drop shadow on everything, but is there a cool piece you’d like to see in the collection?
Here’s a screenshot of a tech demo. Green background just to show the little grass bits around the edges of the assets. :slight_smile:


Got some modular ruins assets and some forest tokens to go along with it! I’m taking some inspiration from the cartoony styles of Adventure Time and Legend of Zelda, and while it’s all just beginning, I can see this being a continuously updated project.
Here’s a quick screen shot from the editor working with these basic elements. It’s just a little demo, but I’m excited at how much can be made with a handful of tokens!


Ho damn this is some hot stuff! Really!!
And the trees are opaque???


The layer the trees are on in the tech demo has lowered opacity, which I think will be important when tress are juxtaposed to important features like cover, elevation change, or anything else the tree might hang over.
While everything works great drag and drop, a little extra effort on a planned setting can make all the difference. Here’s a couple minutes I spent on some rudimentary shading for depth. :slight_smile: