Modifying ICRPG on Roll20 (Efforts)



I know this was a big project for a couple of you at one point to get it coded and up on Roll20’s sheets list.

My players are starting a new game tomorrow with Quick Start 2, which has new Gun Effort coded into it, but Roll20 doesn’t have it.

What crash course can you guys, who did it first, recommend me for learning to do what you did, so I can contribute and (hopefully in the near future) modify the project to get the new Efforts aligned and online? (The Roll20 wiki reads like stereo instructions at times…)


You need top tier premium roll20 in order to modify actual character sheets. Honestly, I recently just changed to because of that reason. :frowning:


Wow had a quick look at tableplop and it looks like a pretty darn good little VTT.

so many VTT’s have emerged in the last 18 months, and it’s safe to say there should be something that meets the a groups needs whatever it is their requirements are. I suspect many VTTs will die on the vine thought just because of the flooding the market.

if someone needed just a tiny step up in complexity from RHVTT, tableplop is where i think they should be looking.


Honestly, it is a ton of work to create a new sheet. You actually don’t need a top tier account to modify any existing sheets but you do in order to test the sheet. So if you make modifications and want to make sure it works, you can only test it if you have that top tier account. There are ways around it but it is complicated. I looked into making sheets too and decided not to move forward with the idea. You can use the attribute and abilities tab in the character journals to create a customized form more easily but it does take time to create and is not transferable from game to game (unless you have a paid subscription I believe). I did this for a Mecha Hack game I run and it works great.

Alternatively, you could just add new attributes there to include the gun effort (or anything else really) and then create a macro that pulls from that field.

Is it an elegant solution? No. But the macros can do all that work to pull the stats from all the right places. Here is a great tutorial on programming macros in Roll20 in case you need it


Not sure it’s an option but the ICRPG system in Foundry VTT has updated the sheet to the new effort system already. FWIW.