Missions in XENO DEAD ZONE Never Go as Planned



@JDH and I played a quick lunchtime game of Xeno Dead Zone yesterday and it was an absolute blast! Going solo into an XDZ mission doesn’t leave a lot of room for survival by JD pushed through and went out on his own terms.

I ended up playing the GM in the GM-less version of the game, but since the Xenos can practically run themselves, I’m thinking that if we end up playing again, I would jump in as a squad and we’d just run the Xenos as a table.

Anyway, enjoy and if you ever get a chance to play lunchtime games, I highly recommend them. :smile:


That was a ton of fun! Thanks for all the work to get it set up and running, your VTT work was on point!


That was cool!
Where can one find those maps in color? Are each room a separate map, so you can create your ship different everytime?


They’re available from Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/xdz-color-maps-40310080?utm_medium=clipboard_copy&utm_source=copy_to_clipboard&utm_campaign=postshare

Hank did a live stream updating the original black and white tiles to the new colored/texture versions. I then organized them into the VTT kit In used in the video. Each room is its own card like the ones in the XDZ manual.


this map is so damn great


Alternate Ending script: Rolled three turns more…

Tanto throws open med crate, crate is in standard load out order = Grab two items and use one (Health Stim pak and Medical Stabilization Coma Cuff) Uses H-Stim on himself. Plus 2 health.

Again Super good job on multple dodges during Xeno Phase. Escalation = 8 Med Supplies Used up - Xenos destroy the Med Crate. No Xenos spawn in this area.

Tanto moves to Decker and slices open cocoon membrane with his webbing strap rescue cutter and begins to drag Decker toward the escape pod door.

Xenos select random target Tanto or Decker… Decker “wins” and is still not attacked (Likely already hosting xeno and other xenos will not attack). Escalation = 2 Cut Power (already resolved so NE).

Tanto drags Decker to and through door, closes same leaving explosives on far side in “remote” mode. Luckily, no Xenos spawn in Escape Pod area.

Escalation = 20 so NE.

Tanto straps Med Coma Cuff on Decker. She is beyond critical but now in Medically induced Coma so stable for a while. T. Releases Pod and works to get Decker and himself into acceleration couches - Detonates explosives and a giant chunk of ship careens then impacts the escape pod.

Pod’s drive is damaged but He and Decker are alive for now… Proximity warning alarms as unknown ship approaches - Is it the transport for the “other” teams or a rescue of some sort?

S1:E2 Next week.

Thank you Kane for the highly charged episode.


Thank you, these are awesome :slight_smile:


Thank you, love the art and the playthrough :slight_smile: