Missing information in Worlds



Quick question: in ICRPG: WORLDS, in the Ghost Mountain LOOT section, loot #33 is incomplete.

“33. RED EYE WHISKEY (FOOD, 5 uses,”

And that’s it. What does it do?


“It puts hair on your chest, boy.”

Antiseptic, anesthesia, cold remedy, relaxant, and all-around courage inducer.


Is that correction from a newer edition? My print and physical versions are both missing this info. :relieved:


No, I believe Alex is just filling in the gap from his head.

Just downloaded the WORLDS book again for good measure and yes, the remainder of this loot entry is in fact missing still. Might warrant a shout to @Runehammer to check on it, maybe?


No. This entry is indeed missing. My offering is merely a suggestion. I think, in that case, it can be what you want it to be. Have it restore hit points, add +3 to charisma when bluffing at cards, add +2 AC when charging enemies, add ablative hit points, cure illness, add +3 to Dex when steadying a shot, or make it remove a fear effect.

Those are all additional suggestions, of course. Have it do something cool for you or your players.


…or just get them plain drunk, really. Would be fun too. Like in DA: Origins when they tak about Dwarven Ale:

“I thought this was just something dwarves made surface people drink as a joke; now I see it’s not the case.”


I’ve seen several printing errors and typos in the book, but I didn’t know if that was because I had an old edition. I am so thankful for the books that I didn’t want to nag about it. :laughing:


I think it’s just simply incredible what a one-man operation has produced in just a few years. The amount of outstanding content is staggering. Hank is an amazing individual.


Alex I honestly think no one is criticizing Runehammer here. Believe me, had I had the time, I’d have poured over Worlds as I did ICRPG Core finding typos and reporting them to Hank, as I can’t expect tired eyes to see difference in their work. It happens, but it can be corrected now.


Oh, I totally agree. I don’t think anyone is criticizing Hank either. But lots of people read these forums, and I think folks can take for granted that Hank is a one-man operation, and what he is able to produce by himself is just plain amazing. His contributions to the RPG world are worth overlooking a few typos.


Just for the record, I fully appreciate and enjoy the amazing work that Hank has done and that’s why I’m here. But I didn’t know if versions get updated or anything so I thought I’d get clarification. And I’d be happy to point out typos and printing errors if it will help future versions or something, otherwise I don’t care.
No worries. :grin: