Minimal RPG Travel Kit


This is my Minimal RPG kit that I would theoretically carry in my pocket as I leave the house…leaving the house…

This is the printable for the folding battlemap:

Repository: DM Kit Essentials

Love this. It’s a great idea. Have you considered 2d terrain? I would think that would hold better in tin than sponges.

I’ve gotten more into that style since I don’t have a lot of space at home for massive amounts of mini’s and big terrain. I use mini UDT (16.5 cm wide), 2d terrain and paper glued to clear cabochons for miniatures.


No, I haven’t.

Do you have any good links or images of examples?


I typically just google 2d D&D terrain. Pinterest has a ton of stuff. It can be hard to search for because some people list maps as 2d terrain. You don’t want maps you want items, tables, rocks, stairs, fountains, that sort of thing. Heres some examples.

If theres items that need to be bought definitely support creators. I’m sure 2D minis and terrain is tough because you have to show people what you have in order to get them to buy it but as soon as a photos out it can be printed for free.

The hard part from there is determining the essential pieces. What appears in almost all encounters? For me it’s been, doors, walls, rocks, trees and tables.


Thanks. For this kit I think I will stick with just having a whiteboard pen and drawing stuff out.

I am doing a new ‘larger’ kit based around 15mm minis and these might be perfect for that, after lamination of course. Will keep you posted.


That makes sense. It’d be hard to fit a whole lot of terrain in a pocket kit. The pen should be enough.


I love this idea! I have been struggling to find a travel battle map that I like. I have 3D printing tiles, Pathfinder flip tiles, and a large roll-up battle map. The 3D printed tiles are versatile but take up space, the flip tiles have terrain printed on them, and the roll-up map never lays flat. I think that over time the laminate on your folding map will wear down and it won’t be so hard to lay flat. I love the dry erase aspect of it.

I have a hard time with monsters-as-dice, I only see the dice. I totally understand the choice, though. I am really interested in your larger set you are talking about, though.

I carry a set of 3d20 in my pocket as a “travel kit”. Attempt and effort are rolled together: 1 is a total failure, 20 is an amazing success, varying levels of success and failure through out based on the task at hand. Not as fun as rolling all the dice, but it makes for a very narrative story.


This is genius!! Take a hero coin. :herocoin: