Mini-Lootz, my first jump into the publishing pond!



I’ve finally jump into the publishing side of things, with a smol d20 loot table of single use items called relics. i originally was working on a d100 loot table but that proved to be too much for me starting out. I’m in awe of anyone that can manage to make those. I’m planning on making a couple of these to test the waters and see how things pan out. I’m currently working on one for loot a gerblin might have on them and one filled with Lovecraftian horrors.

I’m very proud that I finally made the leap after many years of twirling my thumbs about it. Hank and the Runehammer community has really pushed me to be more creative and try new things which I’m very grateful for! If you check it out i would love to here what you think and if not keep rocking on and may your dice roll high!