Milestone rewards compendium


I would like to use this thread to hopefully gather up all kinds of milestones rewards idea’s. Bring them on gang. Let your creative juices flow!


I’m not certain what specific parameters might constitute a milestone reward, but I’ll take a try…

I’ve only once, so far, gone outside the standard milestone rewards from the Core book and it was based on a players request. They enjoy ranged attacks with a longbow and wanted to focus their character on archery. They asked for a magical longbow that never missed it’s taregt but only did regular WEAPON damage.

So, I compromised and applied the Spell Burn rule (pg. 80 Core2e) for the magical longbow. But instead of a INT or WIS check, they would do a HARD DEX check. Fail and for 1d4 rounds the longbow misses every single time. On a nat 1 the arrow automatically hits a nearby ally.

I was worried it could be too powerful at times, but so far it’s made for some interesting engagements. Occasionally, they kick @ss and chew bubble gum with the longbow, but sometimes its let them down right at crucial moments making for some fun twists. :slight_smile: Overall the player and I are satisfied with it as a milestone reward.


I am confused about the longbow…isn’t that worse than a regular longbow? A hard check to hit, with severe consequences for failing? A regular longbow is a regular check with no consequences for failure.


It’s a magical longbow that always hits, no checks needed. The player shoots at a target (monster) and just rolls WEAPON damage as it automatically hits the chosen target.

However, since it’s a magical longbow I applied the Spell Burn rule to it so after four (4) no check hits, they roll a HARD DEX check to see if it keeps hitting automatically. If they succeed it keeps hitting without checks and the Spell Burn timer resets. If they fail, then they roll 1d4 and for that many rounds they basically just don’t use the longbow because it’s an automatic miss at that point (the magic wears out and needs to recharge). I just added that a nat 1 failure on the HARD DEX check will add a hit to a nearby ally (the thinking that adding an additional consequence, since this always hits, might get out of control…but so far it hasn’t :crossed_fingers:).


For my Ranger in the group, I gave him (due to a lifetime of study and mastery of the bow as a hunter in the wild) a milestone where if he hits, (after rolling damage) he gets to roll attempt again (then do damage once again). So long as he keeps hitting, he gets to keep rolling. The concept is that he shoots so fast that if the arrow hits and staggers the enemy, before they can look up and react… another arrow is already on its way and hitting them again. In the game he normally will hit maybe two in a row but one time he hit 7 in a row and did great damage. For the life of me I cannot remember what I called it though.


Oh I see! Thanks for clearing that up.

I’m doing a project to convert all the D&D 5E classes to ICRPG, here are the (new) milestone rewards I have for those so far:

  • Belt of rage: melee attacks deal ultimate damage for 4 rounds, become exhausted (All ATTEMPTS are HARD) for 1d4 rounds afterwards
  • Kilt of toughness: take half damage from weapon effort
  • Gloves of ripping: +3 to STR checks using bare hands
  • Cleaving Blade: Improve one melee weapon. After slaying an opponent with a melee attack make an additional melee attack against another opponent.
  • Power Belt: Give yourself a 1-5 penalty to an attack roll and add the same amount to your weapon effort on a hit.
  • Tranquil lute: Provide 1d4 target relief
  • Book of Sick Burns: make a CHA check to deal magic damage to an enemy that can hear you
  • Beads of Nature Communion: You can talk to plants and animals, and persuasion checks against them are EASY
  • Cloak of Wild Shape: transform into a walking or swimming animal with two HEARTS or a flying animal with one HEART
  • WIS Power: Call Lightning (Deal MAGICAL DAMAGE to a target you can see within far range. Does ULTIMATE DAMAGE in stormy weather)
  • WIS Power: Primeval Alteration (grant yourself or an ally gills (breath underwater) scales (+1 ARMOR) claws (+1 BASIC DAMAGE) or cat eyes (darkvision) for one minute)
  • Amulet of Action Surge: Any time you deal ULTIMATE DAMAGE with a weapon attack, take an additional action.
  • Keening Whetstone: Improve one weapon, deal ULTIMATE DAMAGE on a roll of 19-20
  • Furious Handwraps: If an unarmed Attack roll is modified 13 or higher, attack again. This chain reaction has NO LIMIT as long as the roll is made.
  • Stunning Ring: Make a HARD unarmed attack roll. On a success, the target is stunned for one round.
  • Nimble Gi: Make an unarmed attack after moving FAR
  • Silvering kit: Improve one melee weapon to do MAGICAL DAMAGE normally and ULTIMATE DAMAGE to demons and undead.
  • Amulet of Courage: allies within NEAR range are immune to charm and fear effects
  • Hunter’s Whistle: Mark a target as your prey. Gain +3 to all ATTEMPTS against that target. May only be active on one opponent at a time.
  • Friendly Biscuit: feed to an animal to make it your companion. Your animal companion obeys all commands, acts on your turn, and has the same rules for dying as a player character.
  • Healing herbs: Heal an ally for BASIC EFFORT
  • Naturalist’s Almanac: +3 to ATTEMPTS related to survival
  • Dagger spring: deal ULTIMATE DAMAGE on a melee attack when attacking from behind
  • Cunning boots: Choose one: move NEAR, hide, OR pick someone’s pocket once per turn as a free action
  • Nimble gloves: Attempts to pick pockets, pick locks, or disable traps are always EASY
  • Expert Tool Improvement: Choose one non-magical tool in your inventory and DOUBLE its bonus
  • Skeleton key: when picking locks always to ULTIMATE EFFORT
  • Natural Magic (inherent ability): For you Spells use CHA instead of INT, cannot be traded or lost and occupy no gear slots, but you can only learn up to 5. You can choose to “forget” a spell when you gain a new one if you already know five.
  • Eldritch Wand: Make a CHA attempt to deal MAGICAL DAMAGE to an enemy within FAR range
  • Pentagram Necklace: Mark an opponent with a hex. You deal +3 MAGICAL DAMAGE to that opponent.
  • Frost Armor: Gain up to 1 temporary heart (does not stack past 1 heart) which lasts until you take a breather. The next time an opponent hits you with a melee attack they take Magical damage.
  • Demonic Chain: Gain an imp familiar with one heart. You can sense what the imp senses and speak through its mouth.
  • Hellfire: Deal MAGICAL DAMAGE to all characters within near range, including yourself
  • Pearl of Power: Cast ONE INT Spell into the pearl to store it, then release the spell at a later time without requiring an attempt or spell burn.


Awesome Ekulio. This is what I want to see here. Lots of that.


This one sounds so awesome! I would give it to a non-magic user like a scout or shadow. During a down time, the magic user charges it for them, then they can use it later!


Love that idea. Brilliant. Similar to a wand with X amount of charges in it but fully customize-able. Perhaps the pearl can be charged over and over again too.


Well, it’s not original…that one is lifted directly from Dungeons and Dragons, even the name. Pearl of Power is in the 5E DMG. Like I said I am trying to create class conversions for D&D to ICRPG so some of the abilities are lifted directly. The ones that are original are just meant to facilitate something about the way the class is normally played.


Totally fine that. Bring 'em on. Original or not. Great stuff


Starting making a Loot Table for our Symbaroum game but never finished. Here are the ones that are on it!

  • Beamon Shroom: Food, 1D6 Count, Double STR related Efforts and take half damage for 1D4 Rounds
  • Alchemist Kit: Item, Double Effort when crafting alchemical brews
  • Dominator’s Coat: Item, with a CHA Check convince a hurt enemy to give up or flee
  • Feinting Dagger: Weapon, Make a DEX Check and gain a free attack against an enemy once per Round
  • Poisoner’ Kit: Item, alchemical poison used by you does Double damage
  • Masterwork Gauntlets: Armor, Double the damage of your melee attacks
  • Leader’s Sigill: Item, make a CHA Check and for 1D4 Rounds your allies add your CHA to all their rolls
  • Bodyguard’s Jacket: Armor +1, Take all of the attacks on a CLOSE ally and take only half damage if you are hit
  • Bladedancers’s Ribbon: Item, Once per Round make a DEX Check to let a CLOSE enemy take the hit
  • Scholar’s Journal: Item, +3 to all academical Attempts and manipulating you with magic or words is HARD
  • Bloody Knife: Weapon, roll DEX if missed by a melee attack, the enemy now bleeds for 1D4 HP per Round
  • Smelling Salts: Item, stabilizing someone Dying always succeeds
  • Monstrum: Item, with this book make an INT Check and know the STATS and ABILITIES of a monster
  • Large Spellbook: Item, has 10 SPELL Slots but take up 2 inventory Slots, Magic Effort dice explode
  • Baiagorn’s Belt: Armor, make two attacks if Unarmed and Double the damage
  • Sharpshooter Bracers: Armor, those hit by you lose their next Move and you roll EASY on heavily armored foes
  • Masterwork Armor Kit: Item, use to add +2 to another Armor and the ability to negate one attack per Round
  • Cavalry Boots: Armor, Triple the damage dealt with a weapon if moving before an attack when riding a mount
  • Amulet of the Uncanny: Item, Add WIS to DEX rolls and being blinded or in darkness does not affect you
  • Reinforced Shield Straps: Item, add to a shield,+2 to Weapon Effort, hit enemies roll a CON Check or get knocked down
  • Elixir Shoulder Sling: Item, Consume Food as a free Action once per Round
  • Garrote Wire: Weapon, strangle a victim on a successful attack, they take Weapon Effort and rolls a CON check to Act
  • Needle Ring: Item, affecting your mind with magic is HARD, 1D4 dmg to enemy caster due to mental backlash if fail
  • Militia Spear: Weapon, Hit an enemy and they can not hit you on their next turn
  • Forearm Sheath: Armor, throwing a melee weapon is Never HARD, throw up to three melee weapons on one Action
  • Vearran War Campaigns: Item, a book about combat tactics. Attack with your INT stat, also add INT to Base Armor
  • Expert Blade Sheath: Item, Wield two onehanded weapons, deal damage with both on same attack
  • Weighted Hilt: Item, Use to add to a twohanded weapon, double damage and get a second swing if you miss the first
  • Meditative Charm: Item, +3 on Recovery Attempts and HP gained

  • Artificer’s Tools: Item, +3 on Attempt or Effort to CREATE DEVICE and is able to magically ENCHANT other items


Those are great and thanks but not milestones. Those are loot. Looking for the kind of things your character can do as they “level up”, not stuff they can use. Thanks though. These should probably be gathered in another thread. Helpful none the less because this stuff is important too. Just not what I’m looking for. Or maybe I’m just confusing loot with milestones probably in which case I’m wrong on this and should have been more specific.


Milestones are also Loot brother. Just Loot you get to choose when you PC develops.
Take the Blade Class for example. It has Weapons Kit (+2 Weapon Effort) as a Milestone which you can also choose as Starter Loot :wink:
All these Loot Items can surely be made into a “Skill” Milestone Reward no?


Thanks for clearing it up. For some reason I have it in my head its two different things. lol. Again, thanks for the effort posting all that. I have saved it to my google sheets pile of stuff gathering as time goes by so it is valuable. Turn them into skill style milestones eh? Yeah… not impossible that is for sure. Good call


No danger on the roof, as we say in Sweden.
Almost all the Loot I posted on that list from the Abilities in Symbaroum.

Check out these classes from my Final Fantasy Hack too my brother! They might just inspire!


You did a fantastic job on this. I too have a hack and need to pretty it up so it looks more like what you have done here. Just need to crack the whip and get on it is all. We have 3 table sessions so far and are tweaking it further each time. Only a tiny bit more to go and I think it will be ready for the role playing types (like Critical role style) which is more up my ally. Anyways, thanks for that. Super helpful and a shit ton of great stuff on there. You knocked it out of the park amigo.


Tell us more Precious!


Soon soon. I have it up and posted on a blog but I have made changes and desperately need to go back to the blog and update it. It’s ugly visually too so figure I will use my art skills to do as you have with the ICRPG theme of black and red.