Metal Loot Table


HI, I am trying to get my head around the Blood and Snow game. Female characters with the Chief or Seeker tag can roll twice on the metal loot table, but i cannot find the metal loot table in the pdf ? can anyone help me

Blood and Snow is here for all!

there doesn’t appear to be a metal table. no wonder you are confused. hopefully Hank or someone more knowledgeable than I can help you.


oh, good to know. I was looking for other additional loot tables as well. thinking of using my dm manual tables as inspiration. Are there any other resources for icrpg loot tables?


rereading the entire page 25 seems confusing to me.
probably things got lost during creation and this was an early page that was never modified.

Do those playing female characters just consider the 4 Nuances? do all females get the 4 Nuances? Do they get one?

What is a Nuance mechanically speaking? are these just additional Tags female characters can use?


Agreed. Hopefully hank will see this and comment.


I personally dislike that page so very much! It goes against equality & fairness, in my opinion.
As tags only female characters can use, tho, I could see it as a good solution.


You can @Runehammer him! :smiley:


yep. epic oversight as teh doc was cleaned and proofed and played…
we never had enough need of a metal loot table to notice!!!


That’s fine, man, it happens! If you want the community could make one! Got any suggestions for us? :smiley:


Suggestion would be keep materials rare and strange, keep inventions simple and intuitive, no moving parts.

fish hook

skinning knife

hook spear

dousing rod

lode stone

climbing hook

bronze arrowhead


For the sake of people who are purchasing this product through DTRPG I hope the document sees an update.

Edit: fixed many typos


I’ll make a great table so perhaps he can add it to the Blood & Snow document!! :smiley:


I was just going to start one so I’m glad I checked the forum first LOL. Thanks dude!


Article to put in mind the ideas of what might be.


A tuning fork or chime would be fun as metal loot also


Done, how do I share it on this forum? XP


Use the template, make a Dx table and descriptions for each. PDF is probably the best format, but image at 300 dpi for A4 or Letter size is sufficient.


Oh, I made it a very simple table, tbh. No descriptions. About half of it has been suggested in this thread already!


Hey there, is sharing it still an option?


It is! How do I share it best? :3