Memorial Day


In every gaming community I have been in I have met several people serving or who have served in the military. The same can certainly be said for this community, the one where I spend nearly all my hobby time with during this season of my life. Nearly all of them certainly knew someone who gave their life serving their country.

As I enjoy some time both outside and doing some campaign prep, it is not lost on me that the luxury of it all is in some part due to those who died fighting for their people’s freedom and safety to do so. People from all walks of life and from foreign countries in addition to my own.

For all those you know of who today is about, those who did what most of us are unwilling to do, know they are appreciated.

To those of you who have served or are serving, thank you!

Enjoy the Memorial Holiday and consider reflecting on its purpose. A holiday for fun with some reflection on why we have it.

Cheers and game on!


I have not served but I’ve got family that has, props to you for writing this here.