Hello, all. Thank you for being such an amazing group of people.

So, I’ve been back to the game and since I’ve found ICRPG I noticed that many TV shows, cartoons, and movies have a distinct “ICRPG feel” to it. It’s like I watch one of these and I immediately think about location/objective/goal, timers, wacky classes and milestone abilities and, above all, loot. These are shows that somehow give me an ICRPG vibe and if you feel the same, I’d like to know if you have others like these to recommend.

Samurai Jack
Adventure Time
Rick & Morty
The Mandalorian
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
The Clone Wars (the animated version, by Genndy Tartakovsky)

As for games, I feel the vibe in many many older games. Most sidescrollers from the 90s (from Golden Axe to the Mystara games, most Metroidvanias, etc.)

How about you, guys?


I wholeheartedly agree on your list of shows. I’m working my way through Samurai Jack and Adventure Time right and they’re great. My suggestions would be:

White Collar
Avatar: The Last Airbender/Korra
Magnificent Seven

I’d also throw in The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch as a book for inspiration.


Man, I love Avatar, but that’s ONE show I don’t get the vibe. I mean, I reaaaaally dig it but I don’t feel it being ICRPish… what’s wrong with me

I love Magnifcent Seven but I don’t know the others you suggested ‘-’ Thank you, I’ll check them out!


I think any ensemble episodic show works as inspiration for ICRPG

Some of my favorites of which are the following
Burn Notice
Warehouse 13


Anything by Joss Whedon ticks the boxes for me


While we’re on the tartakovsky train, his new show Primal achieves that same feel. the encounters are always different, the situation is always changing, it’s a perfect example of that.


Everything mentioned is excellent, but most rely on plot mechanics or “plot points” or “plot ???” Its a common term I am not coming to at the the moment, but it is the equivalent of (hyper drive problem, grabbing the McMuffin, situation of the week).

It works well in many situations but as you have played for a long time, you look for more depth.

That said, these are great seeds, but a few sessions with a story with depth add something.


Ok, I’ll throw an off-kilter log or two on this fire!

Thundarr the Barbarian

The A-Team (original)

Revolution (Ill-fated network show about Post EMP America with a decent first season and abysmal start to second)

Alita Battle Angel. (The movie, at least)

Time Bandits (Yes. That one.)

Atomic Robo (would have fit the ICRPG ethos wayyy better than it fit Fate.)

The Real Ghostbusters (the cartoon more than the movies, IMHO)

TOON. If ever there was a system that would benefit from being resurrected into ICRPG—and if that system was not actually Paranoia or CAR WARS—then it would be the pick-up gamiest RPG of them all: Steve Jackson’s Toon.


Ohhhhhhhhhhhh ALITA! I forgot about Alita… I love Alita. The manga. I really liked the movie too, despite some bad choices… It deserved a sequel.

Alita and its setting is definitely worthy of a list like this… I still haven’t read Altered State (I know, heretic me) but when I finally put my hands on it I’ll probably write something Alita-style.


N one pointed out…

John Wick ???

Fast-paced, action-filled, high-octane, there’s a chick with attack dogs, I mean…


You are absolutely correct ‘-’ How did we miss that? WOW


Lots of great inspiration in here. I’d also add:

Stargate SG-1
Stargate Atlantis
Stargate Universe
Land of Lost
Land of the Giants
Lost in Space
Die Hard (1-4, ignore that last one)

I’m know there’s a ton more, these just stuck out in my mind to add to the list.


A while ago I posted about how Terraria feels A LOT like ICRPG in videogame format if you’re interested in that, I even hacked some of it’s mechanical ideas into my own games (How defense and Mana works mostly). :stuck_out_tongue:

Obviously the Zelda games are a super big influence in ICRPG but I also see a lot of Warcraft and Metroid in it.


I’ve seen that! Great work man, thanks!


I was just thinking about this movie. I always paraphrase that one line from Napoleon whenever a new kaiju movie comes out.


May I also recommend the video game Mechanicus? There’s a global timer, loot, and it is on super special this week (at the time of posting this message!)

And the music is :kissing_heart::ok_hand:


And the game Wildermyth

Found out about this gem this week and it’s amazing. The ICRPG vibe is strong in this one.


The way the items and other rewards and traits are tied to character development narrative in Wyldermyth IS JUST chef’s kiss. Love that game, been playing it non-stop since a couple of months now.

It really feels similar in that sense of non-linear progression. In fact, Wyldermyth is probably the closest a videogame have got to a tabletop rpg so far.


Thank you, man, you put in words many of the thoughts I had about this game. I’m still on my first playthrough but already in love and wanting to add the transformation milestones to my games ahaha

Also I’m adding the movie “Dead in Tombstone” (2013) to this list… I’ll be very surprised if this one wasn’t a source of inspiration for Ghost Mountain