Maze Encounter


I would love some suggestions for a running a maze encounter.

I don’t know why I explained to my players that they were entering into an ice labyrinth before planning out how I was going to do it, but that’s exactly what I did.

The premise is that snow elves are from a parallel Urth and all the iterations of Urth have collapsed upon themselves ever since the War Pigs pierced the heart of this Urth.
Whatever land Snow Elves inhabit the climate becomes an endless winter. Whatever the Snow Elves kill becomes living undead.
Night Elves hunters and their blink dogs, have entered the labyrinth to kill off this frozen scourge, which has dominated much of their homeland and all other trespassers.
The players are traveling through the ice labyrinth because it is the only passage between two mountains. They know that they are entering hostile Night Elf territory, but don’t know why or how an unnatural ice maze has appeared.

I’d also like to include a mother Yeti who is doing whatever it needs to do to protect its young.

Thoughts? Thanks!



I’ve used this and have found it to work very well.


Here’s a fun thread on Runehammer’s mapless maze maker, which was expanded by @DMChef.

Mapless Maze Maker expanded edition


Nothing like a plug from Alex!


You are always impressive, @DMChef.


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Tell me what you think! God speid! o7


All helpful stuff. I think I’ve got an idea of what I’m going to do. Taking pictures and sharing isn’t usually my style, but I might have to on its project.