Masters of the Universe (He-Man) for ICRPG?


Has anyone seen or made a conversion for Masters of the Universe (He-Man) for ICRPG?


So I just started working on a Thundercats one shot I started years ago and I was just thinking I should do He-Man next! LOL that timing is hilarious.
But nothing from me yet.


Can we get some Thundarr action too?


I made a Space Fantasy ICRPG setting with types, many of which are He-Man esque: Space Fantasy Types


I’d love to see what you come up with!


I’ve ran a Thundarr-themed EZD6 game.


I run sporadic 80s Retro ICRPG one shots. I’ve done Thundercats, GI Joe, and Battle Beasts to name a few. I’ve def considered He-Man as a someday. When I run these its with pre-gens in order to quickly get in a one shot.

Surface thoughts . . . I’d want to decide to either use He-Man as a player option but nerf or just leave him off the table and use the rest of the MotU cast as options.