Master Edition's Missing Meat



so after getting my copy of ME, I know it contains 2e, magic, world, VC and BS with revisions to condense down the size of the book. my question really is, besides just supporting Mr Hammer himself, is there any reason to get the other books, I have 2e and am loving it but I am really looking at the others and just can’t stop wondering if there is anything I am missing in there, be it lore, adventures, loot or just other cutting room floor bits.

thanks for any help in advanced


I know 2e has some of the adventures on paper, and I’m pretty sure MAGIC has rules for casting with HP instead of Stun Points, as well as a more in-depth breakdown of spell types. I’ve been thinking about picking up those two myself. I got hooked on ICRPG borrowing my brother’s copy of 2e, and I’d like to have my own.


Magic is definitely worth it, as is Kane’s Spells and Feats 1&2 which add on to that supplement.