Master Edition PDF - Cards???



Hank is friggin’ amazing!
Thank you, sir. You are the only game developer that would ever think about doing something like that.
BTW, get the word out about the ICRPG as an alternative (and better alternative, I might add) to D&D. With all of the crap that WotC is pulling, now is the time to move the D&D exclusive crowd toward games they’ve been missing out on.


I don’t even know what to say here. I’ve been dragging my feet because I dislike Patreon, but I finally joined the Shield Wall today. I hope you’ll pass along all of our gratitude to Hankerin, and may God bless his lumpy head.

And I hope everybody won’t think too harshly of OP. I think it was just an innocent misunderstanding of the game and the role of the cards.


Especially considering all of the OGL drama with a certain COMPANY and GAME this is an incredibly stand up move. Huge props to Rune Hammer and Hank. This is another reason why I’m pitching ICRPG to anyone who will listen.


And that’s why i’m part of the Shield Wall! Love that guy!


I can spare a dollar a month for someone cool. I’ll join.


So incredibly generous!!