Master Edition PDF - Cards???



Hi everyone!

I’m a bit frustrated because I bought the Master Edition PDF and I’m super excited to dive in, but it seems like I can only buy the cards physically? I think it’s ridiculous that cards aren’t included in the MASTER edition of index CARD RPG? Please help

Conflicting results of purchase

It’s alot of fun to make them ourselves…
I just cut up blank printer paper and scribble away…


“Master Edition” refers to the evolution of the rule set. If for some reason you don’t have PDFs of the cards included in your download, you can send Hank an email asking for them. I’m sure he’ll send them to you. Then you can print them on card stock, cut them, and have fun!


Are the card PDFs supposed to be in your master edition download? I always just assumed they weren’t because they were not in my download…
I’ve just got rules, Adventures and Master collection of minis


You got printable minis in your ME pdf?


I think the cards were always a separate purchase.


Print and play minis


Good morning @Gillian_Sneve,

The card art packs pre-existed the ruleset and have remained a separate product. That has been true forever. They were and still are separate products.

That being said, you can download free resources for Master Edition here:

If you’re still feeling aggrieved, please contact Hankerin.


I talked to Hankerin this morning. We had a good chuckle about “ridiculous.” And then he decided to just give away all 400 of his cards for FREE. And that’s why he’s the best creator on the planet. Download them here:


That is extremely generous given the amount of work that went into those cards! Hank being Hank.


Thanks for recognizing this fact. Those cards represent tons of hours of work. And for him to give them away for free is BEYOND generous.


This is so generous I almost feel a little dirty after downloading them. I’m just glad I already bought the Master Edition (ME).

I’ve already had great sessions with ICRPG ME without a single card being used, so I think the word “ridiculous” is over the top here. Creators truly have to face some harsh winds as soon as they don’t give everything away for free.


That is amazingly generous! But I wouldn’t expect anything less from Hank, always beyond generous with his creations. I can’t imagine the time it took to make all them cards. This is a big reason Runehammer is the only Patreon sub I have. Hopefully the ICRPG community makes it to the UK one day. ICRPG FEST UK!!!
I’d happily buy Hank, Alex and anyone else behind the scenes of Runehammer a pint (yes they come in pints!)
Thanks for your continued support :+1:

STR, HON + BEER :beer::fist:


God bless, Hank. Best response ever.

“… for by doing so you will heap burning coals on his head.”



Welcome to the Shield Wall. Even if you mostly lurk (as I do) you’ll discover an infectious spirit of kindness, encouragement and generosity that sets this community apart (not to mention ridiculous levels of creativity). I hope you and your friends get as much joy out of playing and modifying Hank’s work as the rest of us have; and I hope you share those stories with the rest of us.

God bless


Now that is ridiculously awesome! Thanks!


I would just say to folks, if you want to give something back to Hank, consider joining the Runehammer Patreon. The basic entry is $1.00 a month, and that’s a “ridiculously” small price to pay considering all the additional creations and assets available, plus sneak peeks into all things going on at Runehammer Games, not to mention you can join us all on the Runehammer Discord where the convo is usually lively every day.


I’m sensing a theme… ICRPG: Ridiculous Edition


Just the other day, I ordered the Essentials Deck and the Think Deck from DriveThruRPG, mainly to use in my own game system. I had previously purchased the Think Deck PDF, but I really wanted actual printed cards. It’s a shame that they are print-on-demand only, because I have to wait 3-5 weeks for delivery. I will eventually get around to ordering a hardcover Master Edition, but I have already spent too much money this month. Very cool of HF to offer these downloads.


May all Slavic Gods be with You @Runehammer! Thanks @Alex for sharing it here.
I bought cards a long time ago anyway, but for fresh people in the community, this is a lottery win. Beautiful tool set, a precious treasure.