Master Edition GM Cheat Sheet?


Has anyone made one yet? Thanks in advance!


Is it needed? What would you put on it?


What would you need on it? I know I’ve got to make some screen inserts for ICRPG for my World’s Greatest Game Master Screen, but maybe you can inspire me and I can provide them to you in return?


ive actually been thinking of making one cause i’ve been running for people that havent played ICRPG before and i plan on to keep doing that. I guess ill start busting my hump and get to it lol.


Until you do, there’s always pp. 7-14 from the Master Edition book you can print off for them as a primer on all the basic mechanics. If you print it four-up and double-sided you can get it all on one sheet of paper!


Haven’t made any “cheat sheets” per say but I am working on a nifty little DM screen with all the pertinent information I like to have on hand. I’ll post it on here when its completed.


That’s what I did for my players except I went from pgs. 5 to 18.


Is this a cheat sheet for players, or the GM?


First off. Go sabres!

And I don’t believe a cheat sheet has been made yet. Would be pretty easy to slap together with photoshop though!



Thanks for sharing this link. Very useful.