Master Edition GM Cheat Sheet?


Has anyone made one yet? Thanks in advance!


Is it needed? What would you put on it?


What would you need on it? I know I’ve got to make some screen inserts for ICRPG for my World’s Greatest Game Master Screen, but maybe you can inspire me and I can provide them to you in return?


ive actually been thinking of making one cause i’ve been running for people that havent played ICRPG before and i plan on to keep doing that. I guess ill start busting my hump and get to it lol.


Until you do, there’s always pp. 7-14 from the Master Edition book you can print off for them as a primer on all the basic mechanics. If you print it four-up and double-sided you can get it all on one sheet of paper!


Haven’t made any “cheat sheets” per say but I am working on a nifty little DM screen with all the pertinent information I like to have on hand. I’ll post it on here when its completed.


That’s what I did for my players except I went from pgs. 5 to 18.


Is this a cheat sheet for players, or the GM?


First off. Go sabres!

And I don’t believe a cheat sheet has been made yet. Would be pretty easy to slap together with photoshop though!



Thanks for sharing this link. Very useful.


Right on man! Thanks for sharing!


I’m trying a bizarre process of doing EVERYTHING on index cards (I even made a Runehammer-like template that aligns with lines on the cards :joy:

Here’s my hand-written cheat-sheet for users, and also some GM episode notes I’ve been using from the printed template.

On one hand you could say “Make it all index cards” was a purist declaration, on the other hand, like me, you may have ordered your body weight in index cards while you waited for the book to arrive, and now you’re in too deep…:man_shrugging:


Like the two-color style!


Thanks! I’m trying to emulate the greats :wink: