Master Edition and Viking Death Squad Now in PAPERBACK!



@Runehammer announced today that the Master Edition and Viking Death Squad are now available in a super affordable, black and white, paperback version on DriveThruRPG. Hooray!!! Now you can grab this print on demand and flip through these two awesome tomes before snagging those premium Hardcover versions from Modiphius. Check out the links below :shield:

Master Edition

Viking Death Squad


I just snagged VDS! Thanks @Runehammer for making this a thing and also thanks to @KaneDriscol for posting this for us!


THANK YOU! I’m grabbing a copy of VDS right now.


when the deck of cards costs more than the book…LOL


Where can we get these four-sided dice? Thanks!


Those dice come from Monomake. Check him out on Instagram.

Monomake’s Instagram


My POD paperback copies arrived today. They are great. Absent that trademark Runehammer spot color, the clean, energetic design and layout still works in black and white. Sure, the lower quality paper and soft covers are as skeezy as the hardcovers are steezy, but it doesn’t matter; it’s actually an advantage. Keep your fine Modiphius books pristine by complementing them with POD paperbacks; these are the books you aren’t afraid to mark up with your own notes, toss in a backpack, or read while eating chicken with your fingers. They are almost consumable. We all need one.


Just ordered mine. until now I’ve just been using my self printed 2nd edition.

Will be good to have a printed edition, even if its just the paper back for now. Now to have a good read of the pdf in the meantime.


I ordered a copy of both B&W editions over a month ago on Drivethru. I received the mailed Master Edition book but the website said that they have a “problem with the source file from which the book is printed,” (for Viking Death Squad) and so they’ve cancelled my order. Anyone else have this issue? I was looking fwd to getting this book.


The printed version of VDS doesn’t appear to be available unfortunately, I went looking for it this week.


It was available. I bought a copy right when Hank announced it and the Master Edition would be available in B&W on the cheap. Per posts above, others also ordered it and apparently successfully received their copy.


Hankerin let me know on Discord that he’s fixing the issue.


Got my copy of ICRPG:ME and gifted it to some younger folks who wanted to get started in this!


Got mine today. Pew pew


VDS softback is back on drivethru, meats back on the menu boys.


Super nice of you man, keep growing the shield wall!


Thank you! So far they seem to like it!