Mass Effect: ICRPG Hack Playtest!



Hello, Shield Wall! I hope everyone is doing well during these trying times.

I’m making another call for players to help me playtest my ICRPG hack next Friday, 22 May (see above for your own time and day)! After previous playtests and invaluable feedback from both non-ICRPG and ICRPG gamers, the game has changed some since it started (hopefully in a good way!). After re-writing some of the mechanics, I believe it’s ready for players to have another go at it. In the past, I’ve only done one single encounter, but this time around it’ll be an actual one-shot. If you are interested in trying it out, just RSVP and let me know in a reply below. Even if you have playtested the game before, you can still join if you want. Thank you for being such an awesome community!

Link to Playtest Doc

Link to Fillable Character Sheet Prototype by @Axiomaric


Damn dude! Excited to see your still chipping away at this!
Would love to play but sadly its my first day back to work out of lockdown that day :sweat:
I’m sure it’s gonna go great!


Thanks! I don’t believe it myself! The last playtest was a real eye-opener for me (almost made me quit). I made some changes to the mechanics and kept on going. We’ll see how this one goes :laughing:!


I’d be interested in helping you playtest. I’ve only played one game of icrpg so far and it’s gotten me hooked.


Hey when u power through and get like the second wind of creativity you’re bound to make crazy progress


That’s what happened I think. I was going about it the wrong way, at least I hope so :joy:


No problem. Welcome and thanks for the interest!


Making another call for some Shield Wall folks to play an ICRPG game in the Mass Effect world (no knowledge of the video game series needed). Just RSVP in the OP so I know. If you can’t make it, then feel free to take a look at the playtest packet and provide feedback if you want as well. Thank you!


If you have room for another, I am in.


Ah, might as well see this through!!!:japanese_ogre:

It was fun last time! It will be fun again!


:rofl::rofl: Thanks for being a playtester once more!


I meant to ask, what vtt are you using? I’m assuming Roll20??


@Paxx @Jack_F @targ8practice @nullzero Add me on Discord and I’ll just make a group (not a server) to use voice. We’ll use RHVTT for rolls. Thanks again for helping me playtest this hack!


Ohh sweet, can’t wait to finally have a go at rhvtt!


ahhh I only found out that my name is still “Nullzero” here (Patreon). On Discord I’m hobbit do Shire!


Feedback for Mass Effect: ICRPG

I think that you’ve definitly captured the feel of Mass Effect universe so far!!
it definitely feels that its been inspired by it rather than a conversion (something to keep in mind going forward)

With the Krogan Advanced Regeneration, maybe make it so that Recovert rolls are EASY? and they recover they CON in HP rather than 1? That may encourage players to place points in there but not so much that it’s overpowered.

The powers section in the new mechanics page needs to be clarified as well to emphaise the fact you can use more than one power at a time during your turn. I’m assuming that if you use 2 powers at once that when you make the attempt and fail/succeed that both powers are affected.

finally, If you want to keep shields in the game (which considering they’re a big part of Mass Effect in general). Use them as LOOT that gives armor bonus and don’t include Armor as LOOT at all. otherwise if you try and go the regen shield route, as you know that’s just a whole lot more book keeping (which is against the ICRPG paradigm)

Something to add (which I’m sure is already in the works) is when players have to make a choice about an action they make, give them either a Paragon or Renegade point. Obviously this will effect how NPC"s react to them during the game,

You did a great job and the adventure itself was flowing smooth as silk, and what was interesting was that because of the pace it was going, I wasn’t losing focus.

Thanks to you though, now that I’ve seen the RHVTT in action and getting a greater feel for the system in general, its inspiring me to write my own ‘inspired conversion’.