Martial Maneuver Milestone Rewards



ICRPG Martial Maneuvers
*Edited for the sake of increased maneuver simplicity and brevity. Also added a new one. Let me know if any of the maneuvers have become less clear.

While these maneuvers might, of course, be given to any PC, they are chiefly intended as alternative Milestone Reward options for martially-inclined character types that do not typically gain spells as Milestone Rewards. Like Wisdom spells, martial maneuvers are not intended to occupy gear slots. Let me know if any are more powerful than comparable spells. Perhaps I can pretty it up and make a pdf if anyone wants.

Pin Cushion. When you hit a target with an attack, you can sacrifice the weapon or ammo used to pin the target to the ground or wall CLOSE to it.

Debilitating Blow. When you hit a CLOSE target with an attack, you can do 1 fewer damage to temporarily deafen them or render them unable to speak.

Brutal Brawler. Your unarmed and improvised attacks do WEAPON damage instead of BASIC damage. It takes you only one action to pick up AND attack with anything you can lift.

Inspiring Action. Whenever you roll a Natural “20” on ANY roll, all of your allies’ rolls are EASY until your next turn.

Scan for Weakness. Spend your turn watching a target to make an INT roll to learn all of their weaknesses and vulnerabilities, making all of your attack rolls against them EASY.

Double Down. If grappling a character whom you can lift, you can make an EASY STR attack to throw that character at a NEAR target to do WEAPON damage to both characters.

Charge Attack. Move up to FAR directly towards your target before making a HARD attack against it that same turn.

Savage Assault. Make a free EASY CHA roll to frighten everyone NEAR you whenever you kill a target or roll a Natural “20” to attack.

Staggering Onslaught. Make any attack HARD to deal damage and push a target a NEAR distance away from you in any direction.

Smack Down. Make any attack HARD to deal damage and knock a target prone. While prone, everyone’s attacks against the target are EASY.

Smash and Grab. Make any attack against a CLOSE target HARD to deal damage and grapple the target. Your attack rolls against grappled targets are always EASY.

Disarming Strike. Make any attack HARD. If you hit, you deal damage and can make a new roll to disarm the target.

Martial Artisan. Choose a craft or mode of artistic expression. When you would make a CHA roll to
impress, you can present your art to instead roll the attribute used to create it.

Callin’ You Out. Once per scene, make a free CHA roll to call one character out. If you succeed, any rolls they make on their turns this scene to do anything other than attack you are HARD.


Some of these are too complicated, others are “gold”. Inspiring Action should be a standard ability of all martial characters, love it! Great contribution. Bravo!


These are cool! I like the idea for expanding a warrior type character, and always down to use new ideas for unique milestone awards. I really like stuff like “Martial Artisan” that open up unexpected plays from martial characters.

I’ve been working on my own rewards and loot items, and I’m trying to take a note Hank’s writing in ICRPG as a guide. Every milestone, mastery option, or loot item normally fits on one or two lines and it’s like 25-30 words tops, but more often only around 10 words. Hank also tends to leave the exact mechanics of an ability vague, which then leaves the interpretation of exactly what happens up to the table, the GM, the player, and the moment (that might just be my opinion). “Brevity is the soul of wit,” right? Supposedly, anyway.

I bring this up just because I think that the punchiness and to-the-pointed-ness of this writing style is what makes ICRPG often feel like a breath of fresh air compared to D&D 5e.

So, on that front, compare something like your Pin Cushion milestone (69 words) to Hank’s Power Strike milestone for the Warrior (13 words, p. 38 of the Core Rules).

If you wanted to rewrite Pin Cushion to try to get it under 20 words and give more flexibility to the table, maybe something like this would work:

Pin Cushion. Sacrifice your weapon to pin an enemy to the ground or wall. (14 words).

YMMV and do what fits your table and all that. I know of plenty of folks who prefer more specifics, and being this brief with your descriptions normally means they need to be less prescriptive.

Briefness is not necessary a rule in ICRPG by any means. Some of the stuff in the book is a bit longer. Check out Gathering Stone in the Core Rules (p. 49 under WIS spells). That’s 48 words. That’s about the longest spell description I found with a quick look. That’s a comparable length to your milestones.


You guys are right for sure. I was playing 5e when I whipped these up a month or two ago, and actually thought I WAS being brief and emulating the style of ICRPG. But now Pin Cushion, for example is positively cringe-worthy in its complexity. I want to make it clear in that example that the weapon (or ammo) loss is temporary or otherwise only a minor inconvenience, but everything else in that paragraph is wholly unnecessary. Think I’ll edit the whole thing right now.

Thanks for the feedback, both of you. Very helpful.


Well, i was just giving a critique as it would apply to my game. If you like them as is, that’s perfectly fine. Its your game. Anyone on this forum should not disagree with that statement. The spirit is DIY and it appears you are on that road. The only rules for the game are the ones you use at your table, to hell with everyone else, including me.


These are really cool! I’ve been thinking about making something like Scan For Weakness just a standard ability that anyone can use just to give a little boost to the INT stat.


These are fun! Even if they aren’t all perfect, I think the practice of making them - trying to be creative with martial abilities is good creative/game design exercise. Keep on creating!


No, I definitely agreed with your criticism. The maneuvers weren’t what I intended them to be: a good part of the appeal of ICRPG over similar systems for me (and probably most fans in general) is its streamlined, to-the-point style. The revised maneuvers are definitely more in-line with what I was aspiring for when I wrote the first draft. I appreciated the feedback.