Making my Chase Room




For my Upcoming session, I want to start the 3 akt Structure with a Brothel, that will turn out to be a massive house sized mimic that will chase my players.
The flavour and wonder is set, its just missing some solid mechanics for the room to work.

Something along those lines i have at the Moment :thinking:

Timer - the enemy comes closer
Threat - the enemy and Obstacles
Treat - get away and/or gain distance to enemy

Damage - size of mimic does 3d6 damage
Disruption - Obstacles, str dex con checks
Duration - 2 effort to escape, basic work

Would appreciate any insight as to how you guys handle the chase scene

P.s yes I will go full on flirt Mode, the Brothel mimic is getting the granny tounge like the Spongebob scene, but instead it will be a lovely lady inviting them in to warm themselfs by the fire :wink:


The AngryGM has a good article on the subject~

My suggestion is to think of the chase itself as the opponent: every GM turn, the route is trying to hurt, slow down or defeat the players. The monster is just the cherry on the cake.


I did some test runs today with a friend, we may have achieved something viable.

Since we do movement with zones, there is no Point in any distance measuring. Instead everything will be skill checks.

Group effort, everyone rolls in turn order and each result counts.

Per fail reduces timer of the bad thing
Per success reduce duration, duration will be the room effort, but each :heart: represents a d20 check, meaning a success will eliminate one :heart:

:zap:Timer - bad thing is closing, if the timer hits zero, strike the Heros and reset the timer
:zap:Threat - diverse set of skill checks
:zap:Treat - each successfull check holds Timer, reduces duration effort

:zap:Damage - monster hits the Heros that failed last checks in that turn (they fell behind)
:zap:Disruption - Environment, weather, anything
:zap:Duration - :heart:, each represents a single d20 check

For the Duration i have a couple of options🤔

Per player 5x❤️ … Simple idea
Per player X - con =❤️ … This way each players constitution/endurance dynamicaly changes the room. X could be 10 or a dice roll, not sure.

:diamonds:Any player rolls a :diamonds:
Nat 1 everyone fails
Nat 20 everyone succeeds

For narration purpose, it does not matter what they roll, success or fail they will always pass the Obstacle, make the jump and so on, the roll only determines how they made it.
This way we dont have that awkward moment wenn all heros stop at the locked door and the monster stand behind them waiting until they made it through


Oh! Shit! I like this a lot! Well done!


I like the system a lot! A thought, though- your Treat is really just staving off the timer. That’s not particularly much of a treat, because that’s just a standard part of running away, not an additional and optional bonus. Maybe consider things like crates and obstacles you can knock over in the way instead, or something of the like that the players can exploit with creativity or find with a roll instead of just “when you run you get farther”?

The rest looks great, nice job!


Yeah im with you, definetly need better treats, my thought was adding them to the above depending on what type of chase we are dealing with.
Being chased by a Boulder or a pack of Goblin would change all the dangers, Timers and treats :wink: