MAGIC rises!


Yup ordered mine earlier! Couldn’t get here in time to brag.


I am a little slow, did you run out of print copies?

I like to smell the pages as I ingest genius. A heads up on the next run of physical copies would be great, and I would even preorder a copy before I am poor once more.


Hey @GraydenGrim, the physical print copies are just down a few days for repairs. They will be back up very soon!!!



I appreciate the heads up, sounds about right on my timing, lol. I will just keep rubbing my hands in greedy anticipation and make sure to pack rat some semiprecious gems.


Yay! An excuse to also buy a softcover version and keep my hardback as a “special edition!”


Hardback first printing is now a collector’s edition.


Been waiting on my softcover for 2 weeks! Been checking the mail every day… killin me.


Thanks for the amazing game and book recommendations. Whiskey and reading tonight.


I see you! Now I just have to wait another 1-3 weeks because gems were only semiprecious. Softcover is on it’s way, truly appreciate the pdf bundled, thanks again.


There isn’t a way to get the hardback for a discounted price if I bought the pdf, is there? I already bought the pdf and printed it myself.:sweat_smile:


No, it works the other way around (free PDF)


Yiiihaaa. Kaboom - excellent :slight_smile:


Well if I buy the physical version, consider the extra $$ a tip. :wink:


I did that with Yoon-Suin. I think it was mentioned in a fireside chat, dont quote me, but I bought the pdf and later found I wanted a printed version.

I really like how Hank does the pdf book bundle, you know I want both.


Glorious, from mysterious origins and across the lands, a tome was added to my collection.


Actually reading my new book, I realized my worlds book missed the photo, my bad. I actually like the Ghost Mountian setting despite not being a fan of traditional wild west settings. I am just saying give it a read before bias makes you miss the beauty of an alternative setting. Thanks again Runehammer.


I see that your Copy of Core also has the same offset Cover that mine does lol.


I am also a little off, seems fitting. :wink:


Thanks all you guys for supporting MAGIC!
Please take a deep, lumpy-headed look and try some table time with these adventures, entitites and mechanics! At teh end of 2019, I’ll be gathering boatloads of feedback from the entire community!