Magic Patrons with personality (Entry #19 Nicodemus)



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Love everything about, the clash between fire and ice, the hunting of ice elementals, and the fellowship of the Northmen.

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These are awesome. As for not having much interaction with a Patron or God during a game, I feel that falls square on the GM’s shoulders. A GM should take that deity and use it the same as any piece of backstory or player connection. Hell, a Patron or God is a perfect chance bargain with a player- “do X for me and prove your fealty.” Then give them a reward. It basically writes itself, hehe.


yeah the GM makes or breaks most games.

From my circle of people many shared similar experiences with their patrons being a cliff note and thus what sparked this topic to hopefully help inspire ways to give them more of an impact in the campaign.








#19 Nicodemus and the Elder Stones


First Encounter: The players find a young wizard copying the writing of an ancient stone to some parchment. He explains the stone is called an elder stone and his master Nicodemus is studying them in hopes to unlock the secrets of the universe. He says he is trying to learn how to read them himself but his master says it’s too dangerous and he isn’t ready. He is confident he is ready and traces his finger on the letters and tries to speak the words to the party in hopes to show off. After a few words he stumbles on pronouncing one of them and then suddenly bursts into flames. Not to far from his charred corpse is a portal drawn with chalk that leads to a wizard’s study where a great white bearded wizard is deep in concentration. This is the great Nicodemus, and he refuses to look up from his work and will refer to anyone speaking to them as Jarvis and say he has no time for badgering and to bring him the next elder stone’s writings. If anyone gives him the writings of the elder stone he will be excited (still not look at the party) and say “Good work Jarvis! Now lets see what it says.” He will then explain its a level 1 spell called <insert spell> and its very basic and you cast it by doing X Y and Z. Are you paying attention Jarvis? Ok good. Get some more chalk from the table and go bring me back another stone’s writings this one was no good.”

Problem: Trying to decipher an elder stone and unlock the secrets of the universe.

Needs: “Jarvis” to copy the writings of other elder stones and bring it back to him to help create a cypher. Elder stones are scattered across the land (dungeons, gardens, mountain tops, etc.) and have ancient writings engraved into their surfaces.

Rewards: Nicodemus will find a spell somewhere in the writings the player brings back and teach it to them all while never making eye contact with them. The spell can be from any school of magic

Communication: Drawing a doorway with chalk will lead to Nicodemus’ study. He will always refer to whoever is talking to him as “Jarvis” and never look at them.

Enemy: The REAL Jarvis, Nicodemus’ old apprentice left when his master wouldn’t pay attention to him and decided to unlock the meaning of the elder stone first in spite. He will create obstacles to protect the elder stones from the players. He is a competent wizard and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Allies: Elderly people. In their youth Nicodemus helped them or their village from some threat and will offer aid to any of Nicodemus’ apprentices.


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Also am planning another angle for the topic to hopefully encourage more people to create their own patrons / gods / etc and add to the conversation more by posting some art online and asking the community to name them, and come up with who they are and what they want.


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