Magic Mirror encounter ideas



You took the words right out of my mouth! Super fun idea, but I could never pull it off!


Make 'em pay! Travel through the mirror come with a cost. HP, Loot or maybe a childhood memory or a skill. The mirror chooses randomly. But, it could also bestow any of the above as a gift as well.


Best two ideas I can come up with:

  1. Mirror shows you invisible things in the reflection, or perhaps outlines hidden things if specifically requested.

  2. Mirror shows you what happened in the past, but you have to specify exactly when.

Optionally, the user never actually sees him/herself in the mirror.


The mirror has a little sundial on the top - barely noticeable to the unobservant, but with an enchanted candle shining on the sundial to mimic the shadow cast by the sun on a certain date, you can see whatever the mirror reflected on that same date. It was used by the wizard to spy on his house guests, his king, etc. With great skill and precision, it may even be possible to witness the future.


That’s sick! I love it!