MAGIC- Learning vs Creating new spells



So looking at the Magic book I’m a little confused on something. There are mentions of Learning spells but I only see rules for Creation. Examples of what I mean:

Pyro mage kind: “Ignore LEVEL requirements when learning new Fire SPELLS.”

Mage Classes, Path of Mastery: “In addition, your GM should grand 2-6 additional spells for creation.”

Are there rules somewhere for Learning SPELLS as in the first example? Are the additional spells in the second example a list of the only spells you can create?

Hopefully y’all can point me to some rules for this. Thanks in advance!


There are multiple different things here.

  1. “Learning” was a mechanic in the first edition of the game but then abandoned in later editions, but some books still refer to that rule. It is simply rolling multiple attempts and spending effort on learning a spell, a tool, an item or that sort of thing. It is basically a time gating mechanism for acquiring new stuff for characters.

I still use learning for important stuff only, and only occasionally.

  1. In light of #1, “learning a new SPELL” simply means acquiring it (and then equipping it), without spending time and effort to do so.

  2. “Additional spells for creation” - creation here refers to character creation I believe.

There you go.


Thank you, Khan, that was perfect!