Love to know what you think of my art!



Hey shields! I’ve been drawring for all my life and have for some time now been inspired by Mr Brandish’s art style from ICRPG. This is the party of characters from the game that I have been running for the past two years. What do you all think? I have also made a Fiverr to get myself motivated to draw more. And to dare enter the realm of color.



I like your “worked and reworked” style, which is quite evocative and reminiscent of old woodcuts, something you don’t see often in this digital age. Proportions of fantasy races can be very challenging, but you look like you’ve got a good handle on that. The loxodon is my favorite. Keep making your look yours. :+1:


My favorite is also the Loxodon! Fantastic work good sir! We’ll be seeing each other on Fiverr in the near future~


Fantastic! Tons of detail, you can really get a sense of the characters from it too, totally evocative!

Also the dude with the cigarette and the notebook looks like an absolute BAMF!! (my personal favorite)


I really dig your work! As mentioned above, it also reminds me of woodcut prints or old school rpg scratchboard art. Your players are lucky to have you making custom art for their characters! Good luck with working on Fiverr, that is something I have considered for myself but have yet to take the plunge.


Thanks for all the kind replies. @chrisbynum @BlazingPolyhedron @RUNEHAMMER_OPS @rpgerminator. I’ve posted up some new drawings if you wanna take a look!


Amazing!!! I love the style!