Does anyone have a simple D6 table for Professor Dungeon Masters “LOVE HATE FEAR” idea?
I’d love to make it easy for players to roll up a random PC.

I could make one, but I’d love to see what the group thinks.


Thank you!


Recently became a huge fan of PDM. What is the “LOVE HATE FEAR” idea of which you speak? A cursory search of his channel hasn’t really produced any results. Can you provide a link?



It was in one of his many video through the years.
Each PC chooses something they Love, Hate, Fear to roleplay towards.

I was reminded of this method recently while looking through fan made ICRPG character sheets.

I was curious if this forum had made simple charts for PC’s to roll on for their players.


Dungeon Craft #2: How to Create Characters - Spent the last hour+ digging. At least I got to watch some of the older videos I hadn’t gotten to yet and found a solid one, so win / win.

Now that you’ve mentioned it, I haven’t seen anything like the tables he uses for like ‘Why did you start adventuring?’ but it would be neat to see a custom d12 table for all the various ICRPG settings to scratch that itch.



This isn’t LOVE HATE FEAR, but combined with a random profession, I think it reaches the same conclusion:


I so want to play as big headed Taylor!


If you’re feeling inspired, take it away, my dude!


I like his idea, but I prefer a twist on the 13th Age Icons rules. I play solo a lot and give each PC a Positive, Negative, and Conflicted relationship they have with a person, organization, place, or whatever in the game world. It makes for a nice simple background that also creates anchors into the setting. In a group you could have each PC workshop their own Pos/Neg/Con and use it to help build the setting.


This is great! Cool ideas for relationship webs. Thank you.