Losing control of wild magic



When failing a magic/faith skill check and losing control while casting wild magic, will the original spell effect still take place on a roll of 1-2 on the 1d4 Lose control roll?

Losing Control: If a wild spell cast roll is failed, roll 1D4 here:
1: Caster suffers flesh attrition and is stunned 1 full round
2: Caster suffers flesh attrition and cannot use magic for 1D4 rounds
3: Desired effect is achieved, but in an opposite form
4: Fizzles and sparks cause nearby enemies to focus on the caster

Or will the spell simply do nothing while the caster suffers the effects of the table above?


This is a great question! And due to the power and high versatility of Wild Magic, it requires a successful Magic roll to cast with a penalty equal to the desired spell’s value. From Page 86 in the C&S PDF:

*Example: If a wild spell has total value of 9 points, roll Magic-9 or less
on D20 to cast. If the spell value exceeds the Magic skill, it cannot be cast.

Then it goes on to state that on a failed roll, go through the d4.

The spell never succeeded to be cast and you’ve lost control. Time to deal with the wild magic.


Good answer. That was also the way I was leaving. The line you bolded was well spotted. I glossed over that bit. It makes sense and emphasize the importance of the magic skill. I really like this spell system.


The strength is its versatility and useful outside of combat. In combat, I hope to the Lost Gods that you have a weapon, tools, or some defined combat spells that don’t rely on Wild Magic, else you stay away from the danger!