Loot tables



Hi all, maybe I missed it, but which loot table to use when or do you just pick. Some are obvious like sci-fi for sci-fi setting but are the loot tables linked to particular monsters or which table to use when is up to the DM? Thanks in advance.


You just choose as the GM.


Thank you, makes sense.


Much of ICRPG is do what makes sense to you as GM. it can feel weird but it works.


Yep, definitely getting that feeling while watching the rune hammer backlog.


Typically I base the Loot Table on how difficult the chest is to get. Like if the chest is on the path forward I’ll go with Shabby Loot, but if the Timer is ticking down and a chest is well off the path I’ll use Epic or Ancient to make it worth the risk.

I also substitute single use Heal Potions (heal for d6) or single use Spell Scrolls to break things up so it’s not always a Loot Table item.

It can also be super fun to toss a Sci-fi Loot roll into a fantasy setting or a Fantasy item into a sci-fi game. But this should be rare.

Above all just have fun with it, and if you feel like the group has too many loot items throw a few Corroders at them. Hehe.


I love to let my players roll that D100~ makes them happy! :smiley:


Yeah, want to do the same. I have not looked at them closely, what’s the progression of power - shabby, bizarre, epic and ancient with cursed and sci-fi on their own?


Usually I put one chest per room. Put, it’s thematic. If you read the adventures provided in the core rulebook, you’ll see some dungeons will only have legendary chests! :smiley: