Loot table community Project!



Inspired by Attribute/Effort bonuses on Weapons and knowing @Shadymutha is getting good at this.
I am proposing, and I’ll curate and Post a semi-well put together PDF of all of them around May 15th.

Covid Bordom Loot tables

To contribute, please follow the following Template

Item: description

Popped Collar Polo shirt When you do pistol hands and side profile half-cocked head +5 seduction roll: if the roll fails target is repulsed by you: if you roll a one, you are ridiculed at by all who saw you do it.

Flair Hair Sun Visor Cap When worn, people assume you have a sense of humor but aren’t that bright. +2 Cha for first impressions when not trying to impress or intimidate.

MensTummy Tucker When Worn +3 Charisma, if noticed and recognized -3 Charisma.

$5000 well-tailored Business Suit +5 charisma most circumstances, -5 charisma in Biker Bars and other places where that outfit makes you look like an idiot who thinks he is better than everyone.

Some Inspiration for your items!!!

Also if there are other loot tables on these forums, please place a link in this thread and I will add it here to the top post.