Looking To Join A Oneshot Game


My local gaming group has completely disbanded and I’m needing a new place to scratch this RPG itch.

For the moment I’m just looking for a one shot to join to test out playing online.


I have some Friday and Saturday evenings coming open at the end of March. That may be too late for you, but I will definitely be running several one-shots and looking for players then. My hope is to try to play with as many different members of the community as possible.


I’m definitely interested… Keep me posted!


Do you live in GMT +1 zone?
You want to be a player or the DM?


I’d be interested in this as well! I’ve never played anything online and it’s something I’ve been looking to get into.


I live in Central Time. And I’m looking to be a player at the moment.


ICRPG newbie here that’s interested in joining a game. I’m in Portland, OR, so Pacific time zone. Either asynchronous play or later in the evenings work best for me.


@MattSlaton @sjleland @nmatheis if you (or others) are still wanting to try a one shot online, see my post below. We’ll do a one shot with no strings attached. My goal will be to get you hooked. :slight_smile: