Looking for puzzles that King Bumi would approve of


Hail, Shield-wall!

I am looking for “the task is not the task” puzzles (like King Bumi’s Pet Flopsy challenge). Here are the two I’ve come up with:

  1. Dark empty room but for a spotlight. Shadows come alive and attack. Shadows must be defeated by the party’s shadows. (Destroying the light seems logical, too, but less funny than shadow-puppets)

  2. Party on a stage with instruments and other performance objects. The audience is goblins. There is a goblin on the stage playing banjo. If party attacks, audience flees. Solution is to perform bad enough for tomatoes to be thrown, and then chairs, then other goblins, and finally the Object of MacGuffin.

These will be part of a dungeon where the party will roll dice to determine which room they enter, so if the puzzle was ‘failed’ (like killing goblins), they can return to a reset room.

Please present your ideas, thank you.


I don’t know if this is a “puzzle” per se, but it does present an interesting dilemma for players to interact with:

The Toll: the party encounters a red skinned devil standing in front of a black iron gate. Next to the devil is a table with a scale. Chained to the wall near the gate is a unicorn. The devil tells the party that the only way past the gate is to pay a pound of flesh - theirs or somebody else’s. If the party attacks the devil, it will turn invisible and harass the party until the toll is paid. The devil will not guard the unicorn, but anyone who harms the unicorn will find its blood permanently stains their clothes and skin.