Looking for Players! - THE ZOO - A post apoc one shot


Deep in The Ruin, there is an overgrown Zoo. The Slaggers say there’s a big score inside, but none have dared to try.

Looking for 3-4 players to adventure into the urban jungle of The Ruin.
Tuesday May 10th 7:00pm Mst
Looking to play about 2.5 hours
Discord and RHVTT
Run with ICRPG: The Waste is Not Kind (A Post Apocalyptic setting made by me!)
Reply here or message me if interested.


Picked up WINK the other day and I’m still reading through, but it’s great so far! I’d be in if you’ll have me


I am only free during the “weekend” (the Friday to Saturday-kind of weekend thanks to night shifts) sorry! GLHF though! :+1:


I would really like to join in. :+1:


Are you still looking for players?


I would totally be into this but I have a schedule conflict with another game at that time. Have fun folks!


This game has filled up, but I certainly plan on running more!





A superb game. Hat’s off to all the players, and kudos to @JDH for a spectacular session. Highlights included:

• Foggy strafing the bad guys from atop an enemy humvee with his captured HMG
• Chuck disabling an armored tank with a precisely aimed harpoon gun shot
• Ruger coolly icing an enemy with a long-distance exploding arrow head shot
• Kal’s epic hand-to-hand with tonight’s villain, the nefarious Mid-Level Manager

It was a blast! The Grit and Adrenaline mechanics really kept the tension and excitement high, as did the environmental disruption of the toxic air and dwindling filter capacity of the PCs’ gas masks.

If you haven’t checked out @JDH’s The Waste Is Not Kind supplement on DTRPG, do yourself a favor and take a look.