Looking for group? (I'm looking for help)


I saw a post once upon a time talking about having a place to list our locations for looking for group activities…

But what I am really after is a place where I could go and see in my case who are all the active players in Fargo. Then I can click on that and see a list of people to contact.

I registered the domain name “looking-for-group.net” today and want to get some Wordpress action going to get a place where users can log in, submit their city/state/country and perhaps tags with the types of groups to help coordinate those things.

Any web geeks want to help? or others provide input on the design?


If this isn’t what you’re looking for it may at least be reference/inspiration:


There are many solutions out there. Meetup is a popular standby.

Table finder, warhorn and I am sure a dozen other concepts. But you are onto something. A lot of effort, and you can be the location repository for all of Fargo’s gaming community.

Doing this is 2 parts.

Getting introverts to put themselves out there, and publish their data, risking rejection.

People keeping info up to date and using it, after they found players.

The hard stuff is how do you keep it anonymous enough to use without fear, but useful enough to your users.

I’m going to recommend an alternative plan. Use your site, and some clever social media, and a bit of shoe leather.
And make a club called Looking_for_Group.net. And have get togethers at local places, but with the primary service of gamers meeting gamers, perhaps interviewing players and GMs.
This might become a random game night and improve the local community.

Later, if it does well, get that app made, and export the idea through the world. And be the next thousandaire.

Building/strengthening the community is your best bet.

Table top gamers are face to face people. But with some movement, groups are able to mobilize and make big get togethers.
Crithit Az does weekly get together on opposite sides of the metroplex (an hour drive with no traffic and a tad bit of speeding). Not sure how it started, but start with once every two weeks…

Then they went to Kickstarter to fund an adult only convention…how did that go below my radar…

Just an idea.


This is really great feedback, thanks for sharing it. @Andreas would love to chat with you about this


I PMed the two of you, not sure what chat meant in this context, but I can add my 0.0002 cents of opinions to whatever you are trying to get done.