Looking for four players for space adventures!



Hello there Shield Wall! I’m not too shy in real-life but I am pretty shy for online play, haha, I need to break the ice at some point! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

And right now I’m pretty eager to play some ICRPG: I’m looking for four players for games every Fridays, starting on the 18th of September. I’d prefer one-shots, and to keep it at space adventures but I am open to all kind of space adventures! From Transformers, to Warp Shell, to Green Lantern, to StarCraft, Star Trek, Star Wars, Animorphs, or both, or all at once!

My suggested virtual table is Standard Action but I’m hoping we’ll all be comfortable trying out other tables if required; I’m also thinking we could rotate the role of GM if someone else wants to prepare something (though on the 18th I’ll have something ready to start this off).

As for the communication tool, I’m thinking Discord can do the job, unless someone has suggestions? Character sheet and dice can be at your own desk or over on the virtual table program! :grin:

Just remember that my main language is French! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: And, to confirm, the time is 17h EST! Hopefully see you then! :smile:


I guess I should perhaps post a premise, rather than a vague ad for a party, eh? No worries, I’ll post it tonight so you’ll have a good amount of time to think about it! :smiley:


Explorers! Brand new worlds! A new golden age is upon the Federation of Seas thanks to the brand new Slingshot Relay! Fling through the stars, corrosive nebulas and blazing suns to the eldritch beyond… and stumble upon an unsettling sight. A corpse world. The mass grave of a civilization: what happened here? Who did this? When? Why? And what is this feeling of creeping shadows behind your backs? Find out. Perhaps? If you dare. :smiling_imp: