Looking for a Starter Game to Learn the Basics


That would work for me - 9:30pm eastern would be slightly better, but 9:00 would work as well - I am in!


I’m good to play tomorrow evening.


Cool deal. I have you down.


@Spizzzle Then let’s do 9:30 pm Eastern; 8:30 central; 7:30 mountain; 6:30 pacific.

Alfheim characters. 8 point builds, plus racial bonuses. Take an extra milestone or spell beyond the starter reward.

Everyone will need a Roll20 account (it’s free, just have to register), and access to Google Hangouts for voice.


I will PM you guys with the game link in a bit.


i changed it and re added the points see below


He is a quiet giant. Wielding a great Maul. Nomad wanderer.


if i made him wrong please give me a heads up. lol


Sounds good on the session details. Will roll a character tomorrow. Thank you - excited!


Yep, so, no negatives. It’s a flat 8 points base plus racial bonuses. There’s no taking negatives to get points elsewhere.


ok ill fix that @Alex


hello. sorry weekends are hard for me since i have tp work closing shift. If theres ever future games on a friday or Monday thatd be best for me. Thanks.


what software is this?


So funny story. When I was first looking in to icrpg I was looking for a character generator online so I could see how the stats were set up, what effected what.

One day at work I went in to the app store and typed in icrpg and found an app titled


but now everyone I tell this to cant find it. I think I lucked out and downloaded it in a very small window and it is no longer an option.

But it has come in handy for basic character creation. You can make custom items, weapons and gear and apply the bonuses they give. It is very handy


Go to Google

Type in
icrpg phone app

hope it works for you


Aw man… i think i missed this… deep in holiday mode… ima have to lurk around for the a later one… but at least now i can grab the app! nice!


Man i tried finding it but couldn’t! oh well, thanks though!


Yeah, we’ll have to get ya in a game at some point soon.