Looking for a Starter Game to Learn the Basics


I am looking for a roll20 group to Game with, i am still Learning the Basics and would like to see them applied in game. i am a hands on learner.

i am free to play Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays anytime from (noon to 9pm)

i own the core 2E and Worlds books


Just got to clear my schedule for my upcoming community games and you’re welcome to join.

Right now family matters and sick kiddos have me postponing


great. that sound like a plan .shoot me an invite when you have something set up. thank you.

sorry to hear about sick kiddos


Hope the munchkins feel better soon!


Hello! I’d like to play in a group too. if anyones playing on friday from 12 - 9 or monday from 3 - 9 let me know. Thanks!


Hey everyone… if this is still being coordinated and still open… i would like to be a part of this. I too have the books but new to actually getting it to the table…


Well @GMagnus. Looks like you have some players. Lol . Please keep us posted


I would also be interested in joining, if you have any openings. I like what I’ve head about the game, and have just started reading through the core rules. Would love to get a chance to play it, before I run it.

Hope the kiddos are doing better.



Hopefully the end is nigh!
Either way, I’ve decided to wrap up this season of my Symbaroum-group and leave the seat open for me to run some games with you guys and start a new home-group come spring.
I’ll defo tag you guys when the time comes


I’m happy to take you guys through a one-shot, as I have some availability next Saturday evening or the Saturday after. I’m free to start anytime from about 5:00 pm Eastern US time to around 10:00 pm Eastern US time (with a finish no later than 1:00 am Eastern).

If you guys will sound off with whether that works, I’m more than happy to get you in a game.


Saturday is great for me, I’m off all day. If there is room


Sounds good @GMagnus


@Lakins you’re player 1


is that this saturday. the 24th? or the 1st dec?


and Alfhiem, Ghost MT or Warp shell??


The 24th if there is interest. I’m unsure about Alfheim or Warp Shell, but it will be one of the two. Let’s see if we can get two more players and then go from there.


@darkpaladin45 @NicksCraftShack @Spizzzle @Tanwangco42 ???

Any of you guys available tomorrow evening (US Eastern)? Need at least two more.


Interested - what time were y’all thinking? I am CST.


My usual time is 9:00 or 9:30 Eastern. But I am flexible tomorrow.


so it is a 3 hour time change . 9pm for you is 6pm for Oregon. sounds good. is 9pm your start time?