Looking for a Player in a Post-Apocalyptic Game in the WASTE



Tomorrow (Saturday, April 16) 4:30-6:45pm MST

@JDH is running a Post Apocalyptic one-shot in his setting of The Waste (think mad max)

The greedy Calorie Company threatens the Train, the brightest light of hope in The Waste. Someone must step up to save The Train!

We’ll be running a custom ICRPG setting/system developed by JDHull and playing on the RHVTT. We’ll also be using Discord for voice. Come join us and help save the train!


Hope it goes well and hope you post it after! I would sign up but I have TT that day.


Count me in! It’s 2.45 am for me, but I don’t want to miss it!

/Edit: Damn, 17th isnt working ._.


Way to rally!..


what setting do we generate our pc from? fantasy ghost warpshell?


Hey Ty, it’s a custom setting with custom character type options. Would you like to join as Glocke can’t make it?


Sounds Awesome!
Are the bio-forms and classes both home-brewed?


Yep, it’s all humans, so doesn’t use bio-forms really. But all the types are homebrew. I’m going to be releasing the setting on drivethru soon.