Looking for a game to watch or play in


Having a hard time transitioning from 5e to ICRPG, especially the idea of the whole game being in turns. Hoping to play in or maybe sit in on an ongoing game to get a better idea on how a game should be run in actual play. I am in est and am usually free most days after 6pm est. Thanks for any help.


Unfortunately I run Godbound at the moment, and earlier than 18h EST…

As for in turns, it’s really simple, it’s the standard way to play D&D, just better explained:

  1. The GM explains the situation.
  2. The GM takes in the declaration of every single player.
  3. Then and only then does the GM resolve the actions (does it need a die roll or not, result vs. TN, etc.)
  4. The GM say what happened based on the results and then returns to step 1.

This is how it plays in and out of combat, it’s more natural and doesn’t allow for a single player to hog all of the spotlight. :grin:

God Speid! o7


There are some recorded games of ICRPG on youtube. This one is run by Hankerin himself



It doesn’t change the way you have been running things all that much. This is because it structures everything in player and gm turns.

Older editions, pre 3rd specifically, had similar rules, but they were oftentimes confusing and discarded in my experience. Putting everything into turns, whether that means combat, dungeon delving, or downtime, gives the game a structure.

This accomplishes a couple things. First, every player gets the spotlight a near equal amount of time. Second, it keeps everyone engaged.

I suggest looking at the Roll For Effort ICRPG actual plays from a few years ago. They will show this very well, and are entertaining to boot.

Welcome to ICRPG!


Recently started an ICRPG game online. Hope this helps!