Looking for 4 Immortals


Having never left the cozy confines of my home table to DM, I have been reluctant to take the Roll20 dive. However. My home group is only able to meet once per month, and thus, leaves me wanting. I am looking for 4 Immortals to share in the creation of a tale the likes of which will be spoken of when time has erased our names from the memories of human kind. I wish to stand out from all the rest, and thus will be running a pure, old school theater-of-the-mind roll playing experience. I am looking for Players who are willing to make a commitment of two Monday evenings per month. We will spend at most 4 hours in game per session so as to allow proper bed times for those who would have to work the next morning, and as much beautiful after session talk, and revelry as can be handled by everyone else who does not have anywhere to be on a Tuesday morning such as myself. I am taking the next two months to focus, find the right players, and collaborate with said players to produce something memorable. If you are unwilling to make this kind of ongoing commitment, please, do not apply. You may of course reply to this post, but I would ask that if you are serious that you drop me an email at obisfaedux@gmail.com I look forward to hearing from you. A new year. A new group. Come. Share my fire, and my gar. Strength, honor, and friendship.


Sooo how long of a commitment and what genre?


An indefinite commitment with a break here and there of course. Fantasy genre, with much collaboration over the next few weeks to parse out what is desired, not wanted etc.


I can see the concept of the reason for Immortals…but I think we are mostly GMs. Playing a long running ICRPG campaign…perhaps open it up to the soldier and above?
Would be a larger player pool.


Great intro. You looking for table top and people in your area? If online… method to achieve this? And lastly, if online… your time zone?


This is an online game. Most likely done through R20 or more preferably Zoom. Timezone is Mountain. I would ask that all participants have voice and vid sharing capability.


Sounds good to me, I’ll follow up with an email.


Hello! Mind if I get your discord user?


I just messaged you on discord