Looking at developing vehicle rules/sheets similar to PowerSuits



To add a bit of excitement to our weekly RPG night, I was wondering about using ICRPG with making a competitive rally/race scenario, like Powerball or Gumball Rally! Players would need to locate and retrieve items and/or race through unique terrain with environmental timers/effects.

I am thinking in addition to regular player sheets, each player could have a vehicle sheet similar to the PowerSuit sheet–with both base stats, and chunks for the parts/armor/weapons.

What do you think?


Base stats for chunks? How do you mean? I’m looking at that as well, since I want to make a group progression ruleset for the Warp Shell ship.


I’m looking at the sheet found on this thread: Armor class

But instead of the Head, shoulders, arms, and legs, I would include armor/weapon mount points such as Top, hood, trunk, front right, front left, rear right, and rear left. Points could be spent on maneuverability items, armor, or weapons–is my current thinking… still fleshing it out.

Also, I meant to say Cannonball Run–Powerball is the lottery! LOL


Well, if you want you could have two layers ofor chunks: the vehicle itself and then slots for each directions around the vehicle. So, for example, the bumper could be wide enough to have three slots. Which gives three slots at the front of the vehicle. From there, you can hang razor-sharp blades, and a bullet-shooter gun, or something?

You could even have a directional slot for the top and beneath the vehicle.


Have you thought about this? …


Yes, I looked at that one, but the mechanics of this one is meant for lanes, and I want more varied topography. Also, this is more war-game-esqe and I’m looking at it being more rpg–closer to the PowerSuit.