Harken, brothers!

I am taking the plunge into the LIVING WORLD OF ALFHEIM together with @Chuck_Lemons and a few other GMs!

The Enlistment to the royal army of the Kingdom of Grey is CLOSED!
Join the rejects in the Ashen Company that tread the darkness of the chaos following the Return of the Snakemen with the death of King Henryk.



wish i could. i work a 12hour shift that day.


Gods damnit man! :smiley:


@Sweenie_McGuffin is on!


Inspired by Rangers of Shadow Deep?


By general theme yeah, but not the board game per se


Sweet! With MAGIC now out I’ll begin a Frostgrave-inspired campaign!


One shot or campaign start?


One shot to start with. But I would LOVE to see more of the Rangers if I have players who like the idea yeah!


I’ll be on duty but damn the theme sounds killer.


i would love to join you, but i get off work right when you would start and it takes almost an hour to commute home :confused:


Scratch that. I’ll be out of town that weekend. :confused:


And I was super stoked about that concept too. Next time! Next time.


Crap baskets! :triumph: But yeah there will be future games for sure


I hear there’s a Chronomancer that wrote a spell for that in some crimson tome somewhere around here…


I love it. I will certainly join the Ashen Rangers if you will have me.


@Alex, there are lots of games and not enough time to join them all.


This looks like great fun! I won’t be able to play, but I wish you the best of adventures!


I’m telling ya @Chuck_Lemons, I’m crazy booked all the time. :slightly_smiling_face:


First come first served. Welcome to hell brother :handshake: