List of Timers




Hey everyone!

I’ve had ICRPG’s timers on the brain lately and decided to make a list of timer ideas and categories to draw inspiration from when needed.

You can view, edit, and add to the list. Let’s see how many timer ideas we can come up with!

List of Timer Ideas


Nice list, very helpful. :+1:


Nice list.

Related ideas.

As a worksheet it would work better with numbers…simply to ease in GMs running through random campaign creations.

In essence make it easy for GMs to roll dice and try to make a story around that.


I enjoy the types of timers, the categories are really nice~


Glad people find this helpful.

@BlazingPolyhedron Thanks It helps make sure the timers feel different each time and keeps things fresh I think.

Reminder to everyone the list is editable, feel free to add your own ideas!


Nice. Thanks dude, that’s very helpful.
Can I translate it to Russian for our local ICRPG community?


Sure @WundeR

Please put a link to the original though. ::herocoin:


Of couse I’ll link this thread, it’s not even a question :upside_down_face:
Thanks man!


Don’t be shy everyone. Please add your own ideas to the list. Lets see how many we can come up with together as a community.