LFG: Starship Troopers ICRPG




Young people from all over the globe are joining up to fight for the future! They’re doing their part. Are you?

Join the Mobile Infantry and save the world. Service guarantees citizenship.

The United Citizens Federation (UCF), a perfect model of an ordered society, is under attack. Bugs, an aggressive alien race known as the Arachnids, have just conducted a devastating attack on Buenos Aires. The death toll was high, but we have the tools and talents to take the war into the Bug burrows and caves on their home planet of Klendathu and make the Bugs pay. Now that the Terran Council has declared war against the Arachnids, our beloved Sky Marshal has mobilized a massive invasion force. Six Mobile Infantry divisions will deploy from orbit and devastate the main Arachnid population centers. With the greatest armor and weapons ever developed by mankind, we will prevail. We will not leave even one Bug alive. The only good Bug is a dead Bug.

Would you like to know more?

When: Friday, March 22, 2019, at 9:30 Eastern
What: Starship Troopers ICRPG
Who: Four to Five Troopers from the Mobile Infantry, pregens
How: Roll20, with probably Google Hangouts for video and voice
Why: Because Starship Troopers is dope, and ICRPG can run anything

Direct message me to sign up; preference will be given to players who have not played with me before. If there is enough interest, I’ll run it again at a later date.


Fantastic choice of material!


“M.I. does the dying. Fleet just does the flying.”

:smile: Best line I’ve ever heard to promote a gaming session!


Enlistment Guarantees Citizenship!!! I’m Doing My Part51152734_2594960897186254_1797704114163941376_n


Are you running any more bug hunts?!? OMG this is a great idea with xdz!!!


I am only saddened that one of my favorite books, is thought of as a Tongue and cheek propaganda piece for earned democracy.


Book and movie happen then to share a title and a few character names, but they are entirely different works of fiction. I love the book for the journey he undertakes, and the movie for the ironic B-movie that was meant to be, and the inadvertently great work of sci-fi it became.


It’s hard to believe I ran this eight months ago. I might dust it off at some point or even run another Aliens game when I shake free from working on Altered State.


I just signed up today and starship troopersis the first thing I searched. Lemme know if you run it again


Going by the book or movies?


I’d be well down for this as well.


You can reskin Xenos Deadzone – > in the ‘Running the classic way’ section of the stand alone PDF (no idea in the newer combined sci-fi volume) are the characters we used. I think we were unintentionally play testing some of the early design in Xenos. I think this session came before Xenos dropped as a product. It was wicked fun. And we played the movie – not the book :slight_smile:


Try Joe Haldeman’s “The Forever War” and Jon Steakley’s “Armor” more good reads in this genre.


I just happened knowledge of this system today and saw a YouTube video post on a session. It’s a great recommendation! Seems very fast paced. I dig that. I can imagine a good Whiskey Outpost scenario


Where can I find the ICRPG conversion, please?


The closest thing you’ll find probably to my original notes is Xeno Dead Zone. My configurations for the troopers ultimately became the basis for the “Baker’s Dozen” listed in Xeno Dead Zone. You can find it here: