LFG: Nobility of the Rope now full!



Hey All! after talking about it for so long I’m finally ready to be about it, and dip my toes into the wonderful world! of Digital DM’s. I will be hosting a game on Roll 20. The simple townsfolk of Dormirville are about to have a rude awakening. Please join me on Saturday the 12th, I am looking to get a group of 4 or 5 and already have a couple who have shown a bit of interest, so let me know if you wanna hop in. This game is planned to be 2 sessions, though after the first night we will discuss when the next session should take place. Or, if the players are down for a marathon perhaps we can pull a long session, it all depends on what the group would like to do.


I am up for this. Looking forward to it.


once i get who is in the group settled i will give you lumpy heads more info about what to expect character creation, setting, theme, etc.


Thursday night — 7 pm PST right? If yes - I can play if you still have a spot!


The game is Saturday the 26th of October. I’m not sure which time zone you’re in but it’ll start at about 6pm mountain time.


I am dumb - I thought September :slight_smile: - that day // month works too. That would be 7 pm for me.



Fantastic, glad to have you guys on board!


Yes, Sir. Color me interested and available. :grin:


Awesome! Can’t wait to get everything up and running.


2AM :disappointed_relieved:
I envy


Ouch. That time difference is a bummer :confused:

Well, if you are ever available to be a night owl you are always welcome to my games


Hehe I HAVE played with Thaumavore at like 3:30 AM. The cost was great but worth it.
Won’t do shit like that anytime soon though :laughing:
But yeah I envy the murican crowd. Plz run games at noon :dog:


I feel you brother! If I only where an owl


Magnus, I did run a game and you came up with some lame excuse about kids and family being more important. Just kidding. I will run more game that are good for my friends in Europe. I have too much fun playing with you guys.


Hey guys, There is still room for two more spots in the game. That being said i wanted to put out some info about the game to inspire the current players and hopefully entice a couple more to join. I will be running this in my homebrew campaign setting “Mölvajord”. I’ll send you all with the google doc i have for the bioforms soon. for the time being here is the link to my old post where i talked about the gang in question Guilds, Gangs, and Groups

As far as class/ job/ build are concerned, I’m gonna have you do an 8 point spread since it will either be a one shot or at most a two parter & there won’t be ton of opportunities to hand out milestones. Your characters will be common townsfolk from a little village called Dormirville. I am gonna make class options for Farmer, Blacksmith, Hunter, Chef, Shepard, and Valet. Though if you want to come up with a character concept for a different commoner job, or wanna tweak/change the ones i come up with I’m cool with that too. I don’t wanna reduce your options/ choices, just give you a few examples for the feel I’m trying to go for.

So basically it’s a 8 point spread, a bioform from the list I send out, a class with 2 or 3 tags, regular starting gear from the book, and 1 job/special item of your choosing (we can discuss mechanics of the item when the time comes). I can’t wait to get this to the virtual Table.


I’d love to join if there are still open spots!


no worries dude, you’re in. we got one more spot left before we are full.
So far its:

  1. Chuck_Lemons
  2. BigGrump
  3. JDStirling
  4. MattC
  5. ???