Letting the right side of brain play


playing along with Ingrid’s latest video…certainly not a finished product…but trying really hard NOT TO JUDGE!!


Hey I see all kinds of abstract ideas here! I see 4 little minions carrying a broken space craft, or the bottom half of some sci-fi type creature with splitting legs, or a mechanical craft that can be driven like an AT-AT walker, or even the hand broken off of a mechanical like colossus!


Love the 4 minion idea! Didn’t see it at all, but as soon as I read it…pop…there they are! Not sure if they all agree on the direction they are moving though :slight_smile:


i see it. Left front, is trying to keep his pants up, left mid is using both hands to carry, right mid also trying to keep pants up, right back is holding a tool in his hand and is slacking off. lol


Alien space-pirate asteroid station with docking arms for capturing and boarding passing ships and a bunch of outward looking bubble windows around the outside. They cling onto your warpshell and start peeling salvage off of it while you’re still aboard. By the time you notice, you’re already leaking atmo!