Let's make a Mentor CHALLENGE!




Who are they? One sentence

What’s their problem?

What do they want?

How will they reward those who help them get what they want? Spells? Weapons? Armor? Potions?

How do the players contact them?

Who is their enemy?

Who are their allies?

How do the players first encounter them?

in my other topic Magic Patrons with Personality I have 19 NPCs posted to help aid the players in their journeys and encourage the Runehammer community to create and share their own patron/mentors.

So I thought we can shake things up a bit and create a jumping off point for the community to build off of.

Enter the first Mentor Challenge.

Fill in the blanks and share your ideas. There are no wrong answers. Please visit the other topic Click Here for examples.

Lets see how many different versions of the Skinner we can make


Guess posting this right before the holidays was a mistake lol. So here is a modest bump.

Come on you creative game masters, lets flex that brain muscle and lets see your version of The Skinner.